Dress of the week May 1st!

Good morning Ladies and welcome to the first day of May!! It is the feast day of St. Joseph the worker. I am hoping for a really spring like and sunny May after a pretty wet April which was great for the growth of all the pretty flowers ! Last weekend we even had snow flurries !


Last  Saturday   our  daughter  had   volleyball   again  I did  not  go  with  her   this   time ,   again . They   left  at  7am  and  were  gone  nearly 12  hours. They  played   6  games   and   placed   2nd in the   tournament!  They  went  out  to  eat on  the   way  home   a s  a   special  treat!   I  went   with our  son  to  first  holy communion  rehearsal  in  the   morning.  He  will  receive  the   sacrament   tomorrow .  It will  be   so  nice   watching  all the   boys  in their   suits  and  the   girls  in their  white   communion  dresses!!   Later   on  Saturday  the boys   played  with  their   friends  Easton   and  Amelia. Their  parents  came  over   for  a   bonfire   after  dark as  they  were   picking  the   kids  up.  We  had a   little  adult  playdate  too, why  not!!  

On Sunday we went to Church for the first time in person since covid came in. It was nice to get back after all this time. All the distancing protocols were adhered to and there were no issues. Soon after church we went on a 90 minute drive to see the kids Great Grandpa at a local restaurant to him. It was the first time he was able to get out of his assisted living house also since covid. The last time we got to see him was October for his wife’s funeral. My Father-in-law and his sister had been able to see him though. We are looking forward to seeing him more !!

On Monday our  8year old  woke up at  4am really distressed , having  a  barky  cough  and  throwing up a  little . I  took  him to the  ER immediately . On the  way  there  he  started to feel a  bit  better.  They diagnosed  him  with croup  and  gave  him  a steroid  injection to fight it.  He  was  better later in the  day . 

 On Tuesday  Baseball  and   softball   was   cancelled  due to  rain .  Wednesday  was a   much  better  day.  I  was   able  to  get  my covid   shot , it  went   smooth  and  no   side   effects!   Thursday  there   was    softball  and   baseball . Our  son played in  his   first   scrimmage  and  got  2    hits! 

Shout out ! 

congratulations  to my  brother-in-law  and   his   wife on the   birth of  their   first   child  , a  healthy baby boy born last  Saturday night   called  Stanley!! We  are   excited to meet   him  and  are likely  to do  so   at  a family  get  together today! They are  75% certain they  will  be able to attend it!!  But  with a  newborn there  will not  be   any pressure on them . 

Also  a  shoutout to my  blogging  friend  Steph and Dan who are  expecting  twins in November!! 

Please  rate out of  10 this floral garden fit  and  flare dress see   here


Have  a  beautiful weekend   everyone, Terri xo. 


2 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 1st!

  1. Congratulations to the new parents of baby Stanley, just in time for Mother’s Day! God bless them! I’m glad your 8 year old is ok, I know the concern we feel when our precious children are sick.

    Hope you have a lovely Mother’s day!


    P.S. The dress is so pretty! I’m a fan of florals! 10 again!

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    1. Yes Carmen, many congratulations to the happy couple , they are excited to have Stanley in their lives! I am glad he is fine also, and the amazing fast recovery he had . He went to school the next day! Wishing a happy mothers day also!! Thanks for the dress compliment , it is really pretty for sure, it is hard to resist florals, right?! Thanks so much for visiting Carmen, Terri xo.

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