Dress of the week April 17th!

Good  afternoon  Ladies! It  is  a beautiful  day  here in Minnesota it is  58 f  right  now  with  hazy  sunshine, just  the  right  temp  for  this  writer. We  had   dreary  and  wet  days  during  the  week  but it  has  given way to everything  getting   so  nice  and  green. Flowers   are  starting  to  bud  which is  so   exciting!



I would love this view everyday!!

Last  weekend was  nice  ,  we   did  not  get  up  to  anything   crazy but  just  some   family  time. And of  course  chores , always chores!!   On  Monday the  kids   went  back  to  school   after  spring  break.  Some  were   not  ready for it  but   they  are   back into it   full  swing  untill  June 8th.    It  will be  here   before   we  know  it.   

  Last  night   we   went  for   dinner  at  our  local taphouse,  they  are   such  fun  places, have  you  been  to  one? It is  nice  to  sample  local brewers  offerings .    This  morning  our  son  had  a  first  communion  workshop  that I  took  him  to.   Later our old  neighbors  are  coming  over  for   dinner  and  a  few  drinks.  Their  daughter  is  doing  a  sleepover  which  will be  fun  for  the  kids. 

Please   rate out  of 10  this Floral  print crepe  empire  dress  , see here CL0082683ML



Have  a  lovely  weekend  all, take  care  , Terri xo. 

6 thoughts on “Dress of the week April 17th!

  1. What an awesome view! We are planning a move, currently looking for a house on the beach of Kincardine. We won’t have a view like this one from the house but we will be walking distance from the beach if we live in Kincardine. 🙂

    Family life sounds good and that you’re enjoying time with friends and also had dinner at your local taphouse is fun. I have not been to one. Not sure if we even have one here.

    You know me–I love florals–this dress has cute petite fleurs!
    🌺🌻🌷🌼🌸 🌺🌻🌷🌼🌸10


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    1. It is an awesome view Carmen, I found it online , I would have loved to have taken it myself! Your move to a new house on the beach is something to aspire to, I hope it happens soon for you! It is nice to meet friends again . The taphouse is fun ! I do know you Carmen, but as they say , great minds think alike !! The flowers are cute for sure. Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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  2. Oh, I’d love that view too!. Hi, Terri. We also had a beautiful weekend. Now, gearing up for a ‘not so nice’ week ahead. Oh, well… the weather will change soon enough. It sounds like you had a very nice weekend with friends and getting out a bit. That is always uplifting. I love the style and color/print of the dress–very pretty. Enjoy the week ahead! 🤗💕 Hope it’s 🌞.

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    1. Yes!! Isn’t that view amazing Cindy? Yesterday was a little cool and raw, today the sun is coming up so hopefully it will be nice. Yes we had a lovely weekend with our friends. Getting out of the house is important also! This dress did stop me in my tracks when I was searching and I said this is the one for this week! Have a lovely Tuesday and the rest of the week ahead, Terri xoxo. 💗


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