Dress of the week April 3rd

Good afternoon Ladies ! Welcome to my first post of April. We are having a lovely week here weatherwise since Monday. The sun has been shining even though the it has been a little on the cool side with some winds. I will take it though!


As I mentioned last week our son Had a friend birthday party at a nature park on Sunday. It was really nice out for a socially distanced get together. There was a guide to give them great nature facts and they all had a fun time! They each went home with little goody bags ! The week was pretty standard apart from the fact that our daughter is back at school full time. It is nice they are all back, only a little over 2 months to summer vacation. The week also is Holy week , the most important time of the Christian church. From Holy Thursday to Good Friday and then the ressurection from the dead on Easter Sunday. It is a beautiful finish to the week.

On Friday our  car  was finally ready to pick up after  a  few  parts were ordered  wrong or  delayed. We were ok  as  we  had  their  nice  rental  to  drive in ! Also on Friday  we did  some  packing of  boxes   in  anticipation of out  move  in  the fall.  It is  amazing  how  stuff   builds  up  so  quickly  in  a  short  space of  time!  Then in the  evening  we  went to airport to pick up my in-laws after  their  few  days  in Las Vegas. Today  I  made  some  blueberry muffins  for  breakfast, I have to say they  came out  good. Also there  was  some  much  needed   laundry completed, Yay!! 

Tomorrow  for the  times  we  live in  it  will just  be  us 6  for   Easter  Sunday  dinner. We plan on having an extended    family  get together in May.   I would  like  to thank  you all for  the  lovely  comments  you  sent to  me after  seeing  a  recent selfie  image of  me ! I don’t  post  too often  but it is  nice  to put one  in  every now and  again, I appreciate you all!!! 


Please  rate  out of 10 this Floral print ruffle flouce  wrap  dress for  Easter  and  Spring ,  see here



Wishing  you  all  a blessed  Easter , take  care  everyone, Terri xo. 

11 thoughts on “Dress of the week April 3rd

      1. PS Moving is a lot of work! The endless packing! I have done it many, many times. We have been concidering moving again for several years. We want to move to a smaller town.

        Happy packing! 🙂

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  1. Hi, Terri. I hope you and your family had a blessed and beautiful Easter. Ours was very relaxing–just perfect.
    It’s amazing how much stuff there is to pack when moving. The last time we moved it felt as though the stuff magically appeared out of the woodwork or something. I would spend hours packing and nowhere did it feel like there was less. I remember putting stuff out by the curb and ladies down the street who were having a garage sale came by to add the stuff to their sale. And we still had so much! It was sooo tiring. You’re smart to start now!
    I hope your car is as good as new now.
    Very pretty dress–an 8.
    Have a great week, Terri. 🤗

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    1. We had a beautiful Easter Cindy! The Easter bunny did indeed come and the 3 boys were out bright and early gathering. Our daughter did not feel the need this year at nearly 14 ! They saved some for her. Then we did online church and had a lovely lunch. Oh my gosh you are so right with how much stuf f we have to move!! It is a far cry from what the 2 of us had moving in 15 years ago from a new york City apartment! Now its 4 kids later and lots of stuff! That is a funny story about your last move, I hope the ladies made afew dollars on your stuff! The car(minivan) is going great ! I give the dress about an 8 also ! Thanks for visiting, it is 5pm and 84 f today!! Enjoy the rest of the week, Terri xo.

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  2. Sounds just as busy as usual for you! 🙂 Lovely post and cute dress! Hugs; miss talking to you, but its been a busy week for me too; hugs; hope to talk to you this coming week.

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    1. It is always busy around here but is important to get me time too ! Aww ty for the post and dress compliments! I know you are busy also Kate! I do hope we get to chat , take care, Terri xo.


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