Dress of the week March 27th

Good morning Ladies ! As you join me we are experiencing our earliest spring in a number of years. Usually at this time we have snow on the ground still and not a sign of grass, but this year it is now uncovered and greening beautifully. The sun is trying to peek through this morning.


Last  weekend  our  Daughter   had  a  volleyball  tournament  on  Saturday. It did  not  go  as  they  planned  as  they  came  up  against a  more  experienced  group of  girls  but it is  good  to  learn  from it  and  move on. We  also  went  to  the  5th  birthday  party of  our  neighbor  Italia.   Happy Birthday Italia! It  was  nice  to  spend  time  with  her  and  her  family in these times   we  live in.   Her  Mom  had  not  originally figured on  having a  party  until Italia  reminded  her of  her  sisters 5th   birthday  2  years  ago when she  was  3! 


  On  Sunday  we   did  online  church   early   and  enjoyed  the  sunshine  for the  rest of  the   day.   Monday  and  Tuesday were very wet    days   but  we  are  seeing  the  effects of  them  now.  Thursday  we  had  a  birthday of our own, Liam  turned  8 , hard  to  Believe ! After  school  we  went to Buca’s restaurant , he  got to pick!  The  food  was  so  good   and  they sang   him  happy birthday !   He  got  some  nice  gifts, one of  them  being  a   beginner  drone  which he is loving !  

On Friday   I brought our  car  in  to  have  brakework  done  ( I think I made  the  right decision, what do you think?!)  I got  a loaner   vehicle as it wont  be  done until Tuesday they said .    I went to the  mall for  something  different, it is  so sad  to se e the  number of  small  businesses  closed  down in there due  to  covid.   I  browsed  some of the  stores  , checking out  their  spring  collections!   It  was  a  good  workout  doing  all that walking!   We  went  to  a  local  country  restaurant  for  dinner  last  night . 

Quick selfie!
Quick selfie!

Today is  starting out  relaxing  but  there  are  projects  to  do also!   Tomorrow after   Palm Sunday church  Liam  has  an outdoor  party at  a  park . There  are   about  13  friends  coming and the  weather is  due to be  nice  and  sunny. 


Please  rate out of 10 this  ruffle  cape  sleeve  maxi dress , see  here


Have  a  lovely  weekend   everyone , see you next  week, Terri xo❤

19 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 27th

  1. Aww thank you Mackenzie for reading my past posts ! Thanks so much echoing the others, I am usually pretty shy in adding photos of me but my confidence is growing a little! I was so nervous putting it up!! You are welcome, thanks for stopping by, hugs to you, Terri xo.


    1. Aww thank you Mackenzie for reading my past posts ! Thanks so much echoing the others, I am usually pretty shy in adding photos of me but my confidence is growing a little! I was so nervous putting it up!! You are welcome, thanks for stopping by, hugs to you, Terri xo.

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    1. Aww yes I would love to have this dress in my collection, it looks so comfy and your
      right , feminine for sure ! Aww the girls would be so happy in this dress , thanks for the rating Cindy, take care, Terri xo.


  2. Hi, Terri. You look beautiful–thanks for sharing a photo of yourself. It is nice to be able to put your beautiful face with your beautiful words.
    Happy birthday to Liam. His drone sounds like it will be so much fun! Glad you all were able to get out for his birthday celebration. I hope his birthday party on Sunday went well too. Everyone is probably so happy to get out these days.
    Did you actually get to church for Palm Sunday? It was so strange for us watching mass on YouTube. Easter Sunday will be even stranger. Hopefully soon, when we are all vaccinated it will be safe for us to go to mass again.
    We’ve gotten cool again, and windy. Not too cool, but we still need winter coats. Last night got below freezing. I got tricked into thinking that warm week was here to stay… a whole week of that and it’s easy to forget that it’s still March and spring is just beginning. Gosh, it could still snow! No, no, no… 😦 Our grass is bright green though, and the daffodil buds are showing. It’s kind of nice how spring very slowly comes to stay.
    Have a great week, Terri. I hope your car brakes are as good as new. Take care.

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    1. Aww thanks so much for the photo compliments Cindy! I am usually self conscious posting but thought I would add one , Aww that means a lot the face with the words. Yes Liam has been having a lot of fun with the drone. He loves it has a camera! It was nice to get out and yes he had a lovely time celebrating with friends , the weather was nice on Sunday , if a little breezy. We did not go to Church in person, we cast mass from our big screen tv in basement. Yes it is strange , I do hope we will get back in person soon. Winter coats have not been put away, yesterday was quite breezy but nice the sun was shining! No to s**W !!! Our grass is getting nice and green. The car is in garage still, glad we got a loan car , they had trouble getting parts but I think it will be ready later today. Thanks so much for visiting Cindy, Happy Tuesday, Terri xo.


  3. Hey Terri! We’ve had a really early spring too. SO nice to see a photo of you, so lovely! I love that pretty top on you. Also, love this dress you picked. So perfect for spring.


    1. It is nice you are in early spring also Courtney! Thanks so much on the photo compliments , I though why not! The top is one of my favorites alright! I figured the dress was perfect for Easter /spring . I would love to own it , we will see! Thanks for stopping by , Happy Monday, Terri xo.


  4. Lovely to see a photo of you Terri! Adds a personal touch to your blog! We are also seeing an early spring but could still have snow in April, we never know. Winning or losing a game, what matters is a fun activity and good exersize! The maxi dress is very pretty – 10.

    Hosanna! Happy Palm Sunday!


    1. Aww thank you Carmen, I don’t put up too many of me but thought I would today! Glad spring is slowly starting for you also. It is the same here it can surely snow in April! Yes , you are right about the fun and exercise part . Thanks for the rating on the Maxi dress, a nice one for easter Sunday! Hosanna in the highest! Thanks for visiting, I have to catch up on your posts , Terri xo.

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    1. Thank you so much Jan, just a quick selfie I took yesterday! Thanks for the 10 rating on the dress, would be lovely for Easter! Thank you! Wishing you a lovely week ahead also, Terri xoxo.


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