Dress of the week March 6th!

Good morning Ladies and happy March ! Welcome to my latest post from a really spring like Minnesota. I cannot tell you how nice it feels after the temps we dealt with a few short weeks ago in the sub zero’s ! It is starting off chilly but is going to be in the 5os f later and 60 f Tomorrow .

Happy Women’s history month!!

Last Saturday I was at our son’s last basketball game of the season. He tried it but he said it is not the sport for him. You have to try right? My in-laws came over on Saturday and went to the parade of homes to help us get ideas on decorating for our new home. There were so many cute configurations . They came back and we had Italian food for dinner from a restaurant called Buca’s, very good! Sunday was quiet and straightforward. On Monday we recieved our new Keurig coffeemaker! It is very nice and has added features like stronger coffee! Is that good or bad? We were also supposed to have our house design meeting but there was a step missed between builder and designer and we have to meet builder this coming Monday with the Designer meeting on Thursday. On Wednesday my Aunt had to have bypass surgery. The operation went very well and she is on the road to recovery Thank God.


The kids were off school Friday for conferences , they were happy to get a long weekend. Today we are going to go bowling with friends in the afternoon. The kids are looking forward to it ! Not sure if i will look forward to my final score!! But it will be fun. I am just glad a bit of normalcy is coming back.

Please rate out of  10 this soft  magenta  fit  and flare  full  skirt  dress, see here



Have a  beautiful  week  ahead,  Terri xo. 

10 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 6th!

  1. Hi, Terri. I hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather. We sure have been, although a bit of spring fever has hit, and it will be turning cooler again. We must adjust back to it.
    How did you bowl? I can guarantee your score was better than mine would have been. I am terrible at it! The gutters always attracted every ball I threw.
    It sounds like your son will be on the lookout for another sport to try? There’s lots to try.
    I hope your new home plans and ideas are progressing nicely. It is so exciting!
    The color of your dress is gorgeous! I like the style too–looks comfortable to wear.
    Enjoy the rest of the week, Terri. ❤️

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    1. Yes Cindy the warm weather has been really nice! It was a little Frosty this morning but it is warming up again. I did pretty good at the bowling! Definitely better than other times I’ve played! I focused on the center and that helped. Yes my son will find his sport he just has to keep trying. We are moving forward with our new home one step at a time! I definitely was attracted to it once I seen it Cindy, it’s lovely for spring. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for visiting,Terri xoxo.


  2. Hi Terri! Spring is closer today than it was yesterday! I think it’s good that your son played basketball and found out it’s not for him. It is good to try, just like eating broccoli. 🙂

    I really like the colour of this dress! I have a wrap dress in a similar shade!

    Happy Sunday!


    1. You are so right Carmen , Spring is closer today! He tried basketball and found out he needs another sport. Yes , you never know unless you try. I was drawn to the colour also, Your wrap dress must look so pretty on you! Happy Sunday, thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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