Dress of the week January 23rd !

Good  morning  Ladies ! As  January  rolls  on we  are  getting  typical  winter  temps  and  weather  for  Minnesota.  Yesterday  morning  was  3f  with  wind ! It  did  warm up later  in  the  day  though. Today is  starting  off  at  10f   and  we  are   promised   between  3  and  6  inches of  snow. I  hope  the  weather is  nice  where  you are ! 


Last  Saturday  I  went  to  my  son’s  first basketball  game ! it is  a local  league and  he  was  playing against  one of his  best  friends . I  was  chatting  to  his  friends  Mom  during game  so  the  rivalry  was  not  too  intense.   He is  liking it  but is  working on the  finer  skills of  the  game and  trying  to   do  better at  them. 

The  rest of  Saturday  was  spent  doing  chores  around  the  house (never  ending  right!)  On Sunday we  did Church online  again   then in  the  afternoon  watched  some  football.  Two of  my  blogging  friends  teams  were  in  opposition! Mackenzie and Courtney  The  Chiefs just  beat out  the  browns !  Congrats  Courtney, very hard  luck  Mackenzie. 

Monday  was  Martin Luther  King  day, what  an inspirational  man  he  was. It  was  also  my Mom’s   birthday, happy distant  Birthday Mom!!Tuesday  our Kindergartener and 2nd  grader  started  back in the  classroom! I am  so  happy  they  get  to go  back , with distancing procedures in  place. Now  there  are  2  at  home , and  they will  return  in  mid  February.   The  rest of  the  week  was  pretty  straighforward. 

Lower  bath remodel!! 

As  promised  last  week  here  are  the  completed  lower bath  Pics !



We added the same floor covering we used in the upper bath from last weeks post. We added wallpaper on one wall , what do you think? The linen cabinet is existing . We took out our pedestal sink and put in this new vanity cabinet and top along with new faucet. We took out the old medicine cabinet and replaced it with this new recessed one. The shower has a sliding door but it is a dated brass and the curtain looks better in my opinion to cover it! You can still see it peeking out .

Please  rate out of  10 this navy  and  Marigold empire  waist floral dress  from Zulily , see   here zu89184578_alt_1_tm1602945067

Have a  lovely  weekend  and  week  ahead everyone, Terri xo. 

14 thoughts on “Dress of the week January 23rd !

  1. Hi Terri! I’m glad your son is enjoying basketball. So true, housework is a never-ending job, a full-time occupation! 😉 Martin Luther King was certainly a remarkable man.

    Your bathroom looks amazing! I really like the shower curtain, what a good idea to cover the dated brass sliding door (we have the same one, I should cover it too).

    The dress is lovely – 9 out of 10

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Yes he is enjoying the basketball, He does need to get a little more adventurous though ! Yes I’m sure you know all about housework Also ! Thank you for the bathroom compliments , The shower curtain does a great job , It is easy to slide back When you want to use the shower . You could maybe play around with yours . The dress is nice , My Rating was a 7 , So you like it even better than I do ! Thanks so much for stopping by, enjoy the weekend Carmen, Terri xoxo.

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  2. Hello, Terri. It is snowing like crazy here this morning. Winter is getting caught up. How much did you end up getting?
    I’ll bet it was nice to get out to a basketball game and chat with someone in person that you don’t live with. I don’t even remember what that is like. Hopefully school is going well so far for your youngest two.
    I love your bathroom remodel! Isn’t it nice to have fixtures all shiny and new?
    Pretty dress. It looks easy to wear. Have a great week, Terri. ❤️

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    1. Hello Cindy! We got about 4 inches of powdery snow. What did you get yesterday? It was so nice to get out to the game and chat with others!! When you get back to chatting with others it will come natural to you! Well school was going well for the youngesst two until midday yesterday when I got a call that a kindergartener was exposed to covid and my sons grade have to take off for a week or 8 days. What can you do, right? Thanks for the bathroom comments! It is nice having that shiny new look alright. It is pretty I would give it a 7or 8 , and does look comfy to wear. Happy Wednesday to you , hope you can get out for your walk, Terri xo.


      1. oh yeah I’ve seen that post. great idea 🙌 are you joining ??
        im busy atm working on my challenge (working out and stretching 😉) hopefully soon I’ll be able to share my progress on my blog too and inspire people to join :))
        have a great day 😘💚

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      2. It is a great idea by Steph! Am I joining? If Steph seen my shoe collection she would feel sorry for me i think! Good for you taking up a worout challenge! Have a lovely Thursday, Terri xo.

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