Dress of the week January 16th !

Good morning Ladies how are you today? Welcome from a wet/snowy /slushy Minnesota . Usually it would be just snowy but our temps have been higher than usual and we have been getting some rain also. We got a few inches of snow . It is supposed to get cooler over the coming days. I see that the record high temp today for instance is 37f or 2.7c set in 2006!!

I did not post last week , time got away from me I guess. It was a pretty relaxing weekend overall though. We got the 2 bathrooms completed that we were working on though. You want to see pics now !? I will post the basement Bathroom next week.

Upper Bath

I think it came out well ! We added new heavy duty linoleum floor covering . Also we put in a window that had never been there before , then decided to go with a wallpaper on that wall. We also repainted an off white/light blue color. You can see the doors and cabinet are a traditional stain finish but we wanted to add white trim with maybe painting the doors at a later date. This is a shared bathroom , the door on the right is our Master bedroom. A few years ago we put in the double sink, that was a great help! It also has a bathtub with shower and shower stall. I had never seen it before we moved in. The shower stall has a door but it looks better with a curtain as it is a little dated! We added curtains and accent pieced on walls and above toilet.

The kids start going back to school next week ! The 2 little ones go on Tuesday , they are excited to get back. Then our 5th grader is the following Monday with our middleschooler starting in early February. We can hope for normalcy to return bit by bit . Our restaurants also reopened last Monday , I am excited for that!

This morning our son plays his first basketball game! One parent can attend and we will swap as he has 2 games total.

Please rate out of 10 this winter white fit and flare sweater dress. See here :https://www.blair.com/product/slate-gray-l?id=7bf00209a36a4c89b2219cbdc1a0b70a&skuid=44a61a0cd801423698245bed7281d575&cid=pl_bl_google_pla_organic

Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead , take care, Terri xo.


6 thoughts on “Dress of the week January 16th !

  1. Thank you for sharing pictures of your new bathroom, Terri. It looks great! You’re going to love having a window in there to bring in natural light. Your paint color choice makes the room look fresh and clean. Great idea for hiding a shower. The wallpaper is really neat; it almost looks 3d. And the floor will be great with little ones. Congrats on getting this room complete.
    I hope back to school goes well with no one getting sick. I bet you’ll enjoy some quiet time for yourself.
    My mom used to have a winter white sweater dress, kind of this shape. I remember I loved it on her.
    I hope your week goes well, Terri. ❤️

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    1. You are so welcome Cindy I love sharing them with you ! It is so nice having the Natural light ! Yes the wallpaper does seem 3D It is kind of like looking at Clouds to me . It is nice having a Solid surface Again , Before this we had Tile . I should have said that the younger two are going back to school And the older two are waiting a few weeks. But it is nice to have some quiet time! I’m glad this dress brought back memories Cindy. Thanks so much for stopping by enjoy the rest of the week, Terri xoxo.

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