Dress of the week November 28th

Good morning Ladies, today is the first Sunday of Advent , the start of the celebration  of  the birth of Jesus on Christmas day.

The Advent wreath

I hope you are all doing well , and for  those that celebrated Thanksgiving  , I hope it was a special day  for you and your family. 

Last weekend was  pretty relaxing, I had a hair appointment on Saturday morning where I got a trim. It was nice  to get a wash, blow dry,  and great conversation with my Stylist Aimee!  After that I went and grabbed a coffee from Caribou, and then did a little shopping at target. It is nice to  go alone sometimes to shop and browse!  The rest of The day was spent with laundry and  clean up. We also  had fun game night with some of the kids. 

On Sunday my  county men’s football  team from back home won  their first provincial trophy in 23 years. I was able to see  it on tv!

Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday  went fast , then  all of a sudden it was thanksgiving day! We ordered the food from our local hyvee  grocery store, and prepared it at home. We usually  host for extended family but the year that’s in it it was  just ourselves. We had a nice day, and I enjoyed  a few glasses of wine🍷 nothing over the top!!

We did a zoom call with the extended family after lunch . It is a great way to get together,  even though it takes getting used to chatting that way compared to face to face. We did recieve some really good news on the call !! My brother-in-law  and his wife announced that they are expecting  a baby in April!! It is so exciting , we all have been waiting for this day for a few years! She is having a really good pregnancy  so far.

Friday was a day of cookie baking and frosting! The kids had a lot of fun with it! On Saturday we put up our outside lights and inflatables. They are looking good. Then for dinner we had friends over and played the game giant spoons , it was so fun!

some of our cookies!!

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Wishing you a lovely rest of your weekend, Terri xoxo.