Dress of the week September 12th!

Good morning Ladies and welcome to my first post of September! I didnt post last weekend . The weather has definitely cooled off since even before labor day. It actually produced a light frost Thursday morning . It seems way to early but that is Minnesota!

Last  weekend  was  pretty  quiet  for  Labor  day weekend , our  driveway which is  blacktop   has  been  dropping down  below  the concrete garage floor  for  a  few  years  had  been  creating  a  bump as  you drive in  of about  2  inches.  So  the  husband  started  cutting it out 3  feet out  on Saturday  the  5th with help  by all of us !  it  went  really  well . Then  yesterday  new  concrete  was  poured  so it is  level now, We  cant  drive on it  for  7 days  though!  A  small sacrafice ! 

On Sunday  we  had  friends  over  and  did  a bonfire.   It  was  a fun  night  of laughter  and  memories.  On Monday  we  went  to  a  local park  for  a  nature  walk , we  took our  dog  along, it  was  nice  to get out  and  stretch. 


The  kids  started  distant  learning on Tuesday , it  went  really  well ! They also did it on Wednesday,   then Thursday  Friday it  was in class  learning. Their class is  divided into  two  groups Cohort 1 Goes to school 2 days  then cohort 2  for the following  2  days. the  class  sizes are  small as  a result  when they are in school which is an advantage  for the teacher . When  at  home  they  have  school i pads to work with to get  assignments done.  It works for  now, I hope  they can  get  back full time  safely in the  new year.

Our  older  boys    had  their  first  games  in  flag  football this  week! It  was   nice   seeing  them in the  team setting  and  both did  really  well.

This  weekend  is starting  out  wet so  we  will  see  what  we  get up to! 

Please  rate  out  of  10 this vibrant  plaid empire  waisted  dress see here

Have a  beautiful  weekend,  Terri xo.


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    1. Thank you Jessica! It definitely is fall here, sunny and windy right now. We are all doing well in the times we live in right now, the kids are in school 2 days a week. It is so nice to see you, I’m way behind on your posts! Thank you for dropping by and have a great day,Terri xo.


  1. Hi Terri! It’s always a good feeling to get home improvements done. Bonfires are great at this time of year as evenings get cooler. Sharing it with friends makes happy memories! Glad you’re enjoying nature together and your children’s education is going well. 🙂

    Of course, the dress is lovely!

    Have a thankful Thursday!


  2. Hi, Terri. Last week was horribly dreary and rainy for us too–6 straight days! ugh! I hope this week is better for you. I cannot believe you’ve had a frost already! It seems way, way, way too early for that!
    It sounds like your kids’ school has their system for this semester down pat. It’s good that the kids can have more space yet still stay connected to their peers and teachers. I hope it keeps working out.
    We recently had a cement slab ‘lifted’. It was quite pricey–you saved a lot of money by doing it yourselves.
    Getting out in nature is the best, isn’t it? Do you have a lot of forest preserves by you? We have so many by us. I love that. Your bonfire sounds like fun. I haven’t been to one of those since my college days—long, long ago.
    Take care, Terri. ❤

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    1. Hi Cindy, dreary days are the worst! This past week has been really nice and fall like. we had frost yesterday morning , but it warmed up nicely after. Right now its 57 and sunny. The kids school semester is going well, as well as can be expected anyway! They all have school ipads to work with, technology, right? We did save money pouring it ourselves n and getting my Father-in – law to help. The concrete and reinforcing bars came to $500. There is a huge preserve by me , whitetail woods, it is so nice to get away from it all ! Can you have backyard fires in your area? Have a great weekend Cindy, Terri xo.


      1. Hi, Terri. Good to hear you have places to go to experience nature. They really are mood boosters. I woke this morning thinking that instead of my walk in the neighborhood I should get out to one of our forest preserves nearby. I need a little boost. Technology is great; I cannot imagine where our kids would be if they didn’t have it right now. We have a fire pit where we burn yard waste. We have yet to make an event out of it though. Not sure why that is–on these cool nights it would be nice to enjoy an outdoor fire. We also have a little outdoor fireplace–need to use that more. Wishing you a beautiful week! It’s the last full week of September–already! ❤

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