Dress of the week August 29th!

Good morning Ladies ! I missed out on posting last week, please forgive me! On August 15th we went to the mall of America with our old neighbor Brandon and his Girlfriend . We had dinner at Wahlbergers restaurant and then proceeded to the comedy club on the top floor. Their first date was at the comedy club . When the show was over Brandon got down on one knee and proposed to Josie! It was so sweet , she was overcome with emotion and there were lots of happy tears , and she said yes!! We were in on the little scheme beforehand and it was lovely to share in the moment.

The rest of the weekend went pretty normal . The kids continue to get ready for back to school. They are doing 2 days at school and 3 days distant Learning. I hope it goes as smooth as possible! They have most of the items on the list purchased already for the start of school.

Last Saturday the boys earned some money landscaping with the afforementioned Brandon at his new house. It is good for them to learn that work has its rewards and they got payed very well, alot more than I could have dreamed of at their age!

On Sunday our new neighbors came over as a family for ice cream and get to know you chat! We layed out a bunch of toppings that we purchased and it was so good! It nearly looked like I wanted to impress the neighbors, right?! The kids had played together a few times since they moved in August 1st, their daughter and our son are going to be in the same class in school which is nice. I think we will get along good with them.

This week the older boys started football for the first time. It is flag football which is non tackle , I am grateful for that! They did very well for their first try and have a few more practice sessions and games coming up. Today is going to be one of projects around the house and the ever present Laundry!

please rate out of 10 this floral lace ruffle dress out of 10 from Venus, see here https://www.venus.com/viewproduct.aspx?BRANCH=7~72~7388~&ProductDisplayID=71970

Floral ruffle dress

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend, Terri xo.


10 thoughts on “Dress of the week August 29th!

  1. I’m happy you’re keeping in contact with your old neighbour and that he wanted you to be part of this special moment! It’s wonderful that Brandon hired your boys to work for him, this is a good experience for them.

    It’s nice that you invited your new neighbours over, I’m sure they appreciate how friendly you are. It’s so important to have good neighbours!

    I love the ruffle on the dress, very feminie!

    Happy Labour day weekend! 🙂

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    1. Yes it is good to keep in touch Carmen, , he was a great friend of ours also. We were honored to be part of their engagement! Our boys know the benefits of hard work now! Our new neighbors are really nice , and the kids get along good. Thanks on the dress, it is very feminine , why I chose it i think! Thanks for visiting Carmen, I appreciate you taking the time! Happy Labour day to you too, its nice they line up together! Take care , Terri xo.

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  2. Hey Terri! Oh my goodness, so exciting about Brandon. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like y’all are doing well. This dress is so pretty! Happy (early) Labor Day weekend!!


    1. It was so exciting for Brandon , I am happy for him and his Fiance! I wanted to put the dress out there see what people thought, glad you like it Courtney! Happy Labor day weekend to you and the family also, thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


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