Dress of the week August 1st!

Good   morning  Ladies  and  happy August to you! The  year  is  moving  forward  so  fast even  with  covid  19  dominating everything  .  We a re  doing  our  best  to keep  things  as  normal  as  possible .   The  kids  are  enjoying  the  pool  most  days ,  the  weather  is  staying  pretty  warm  so it is  a  good  cool  down  to jump in  the  water!   Today is  only  getting into  high  70’s and  it  will  be  70’s  all  week . It  is  my  kind of  weather  I  must  admit!tumblr_otyk0lnKbu1sbqfz9o1_1280

Last  weekend  was  nice  and  relaxing ! Everyone  else  took a  trip to Fargo to  visit  my  beloved spouse’s   college roommate and  their  family   and  kids.   They left  Friday  morning  and  came  back on  Sunday night! I  got  a  little  me  time  which  was  nice, well  just  the  puppy  and  I !  He  still  needed  minding.   It was  really  strange not  having  a  kid  shout out  looking  for  me!  I got out to  do  some  shopping  and  did  a  skype  call  with  two good  friends  of  mine.

Our  neighbor Brandon , a single  Dad  and  his  daughter   Maddi  moved  to  a  new  house  Yesterday. We  are  sad  to  see  them  go, they  were  wonderful , helpful, full of life  neighbors. They moved  about 4  miles  away  , so  not  too  far ,  we  will get  to  see  them often!

We  are  having  a nice  weekend, pretty  quiet,  we  met  the  new  neighbor  Lady.  She  was  there  with  her  friend  repainting, her  husband  and  2  daughters  were  not  there  yet. The  girls  are  close in age  to two of our  kids.

From last weekend!

Please  rate out of  10( this  model is  prettier!)  this  bow tie  waist  floral print  matte  crepe  dress, see here 


Have  a  nice  rest  of your  weekend,  Terri xo.




6 thoughts on “Dress of the week August 1st!

  1. It’s lovely to see a photo of you in your pretty floral dress! I’m glad your old neighbours are not too far away so you can keep in touch and that your new neighbours have two children close to two of your children’s ages. Good neighbours are a blessing!

    August is one of my favourite months! My dear mother was born in August and so were two of my grandchildren! It’s a relaxing summer month with garden parties and day day trips.


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    1. Aww thank you so much Carmen, its definitely one of my go to dresses! It is good we can remain friends , and the new people are very nice also. They are a blessing. I am sure August brings memories of your Mom while creating new ones through your Grandchildren. Thanks so much for visiting, take care, Terri xo.

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  2. Hi, Terri. I wanted to stop by and say hello to you here–at your place. How nice that you got a little ‘me’ time to recharge and relax. We all need that–probably more than we actually get, especially when our kids are young.
    It was fun to see a picture of beautiful you in your pretty dress. Summer is the best time for dresses; they are so nice and cool. I’ll even walk the dog in a dress, and am most comfortable. How is your puppy growing? Getting big I’d expect.
    We have another absolutely perfect day today. I must get out for a walk; the pup is waiting.
    Very pretty dress–love the print.
    Take care, Terri! ❤


    1. Thank you so much Cindy for stopping by in “my place” I really appreciate you taking the time. me time is important for all of us, and i liked having it , but also liked when everyone came back. Thank you for the compliments Cindy, I am no model but it is nice to get dressed up. I agree, it is more comfy wearing a dress in the summer than shorts or pants. Our puppy Tucker just turned 5 months, he is getting bigger everyday. I know what you mean, you and I get nearly identical weather, it has cooled down nicely , it is 71 degrees now and a lovely night out. I hope you had a nice walk with with your pup. Thanks for the dress comments , I though it was a lovely print too. Have a nice night, tomorrow is Friday!! Terri xo.

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  3. Happy August, Terri! I cannot believe how fast the year is going and yes COVID is dominating is all. I’m so glad you got a little time to yourself. You look gorgeous, Terri! You’re very stylish. Love seeing photos of you on here.


    1. Yes it is moving along Courtney! I try and keep away from the news sometimes, I dont need to be hearing negative items everyday. It was nice to get me time . Aww thanks for the compliments Courtney , I try to look my best! Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


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