Dress of the week June 27th!

Good  morning  Ladies!  I  took  2  weeks  off, there  were  a  few  reasons ,   being  busy with  life , doing  projects  ,   and also not  being  motivated , a lot  has  to  do  with  the  unrest  going on   right  now. I  hope our country  settles  down  and  issues  will  be  addressed through  dialogue   and  love  for  each other.  I am  a glass  half  full  person  so   always   look on  the  bright  side !  Moving on…

The  kids  are  getting   in  full  summer  mode ,  the  pool is  getting  lots of  use  and  we  have  started  friend playdates  on   a limited  basis. They  are  happy  to  see  other  people  apart  from  their  siblings. .  Last  weekend  we completed    a project  we  were  working  on for  a  few  weekends , a  new   dining  table  and  benches !  I  so  wanted  to  tell   everyone  but  it  is  completed  now . It involved us  all, husband wife  and  kids. It  was  made  from  simple   construction  lumber  with  the  base  painted  and  the  tops being  epoxyed  giving  a  smooth  shiny  surface. You  mix  the  clear  epoxy  by  hand  for  12  minutes  straight ! It  was  all  worth it , here    are  photos.



We  are  also  working  on our  yard  , adding  pavers  under  our  deck  as  a  seperation  from  mulch  and  grass .  Our  puppy  is  doing  well  but in  a  naughty  phase  right  now!!! He  will  chew  anything  he  gets his   teeth on. He  loves  to   run  in our  enclosed  back  yard ,  and  that  tires  him out.

I  celebrated  my  birthday  Thursday  and  was well looked  after  with gifts  from  family  and  friends. We   are  going  to my in-laws on Sunday  to  celebrate  2  months  and  5  peoples  birthdays. The  Great Grandma  who  shares  my  birthday  will  not  be  able  to  go  though in  these  times  we are  living in .

Please  rate out of  10  this  floral  printed  bohemian   beach  dress, see  here


Have    a  fabulous  weekend,  Terri xo.


5 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 27th!

  1. Hey Terri! I love that you’re a glass half full kind of girl. It’s such a weird/scary time in our country and I’m praying. Aw so glad your kiddos are getting to see some friends now. Your dining table turned out beautifully. How special too. I hope you had a lovely b-day! Also, I love this dress as always. You have great style.


    1. Yes I definitely like to stay positive Courtney! I hope this is the start of the country settling down again. Thank you for the dining room table compliments! I did have a nice time on my birthday. This dress is really cute. I figured you would like it! Thanks so much for stopping by take care, send some big hugs to Scarlett from me, Terri xo.

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