Dress of the week June 6th

Good  morning  Ladies  , how  are  you  today?  I  missed  out  on  my  post  last  week, after  the  events  that  took  place  against  George Floyd  25  miles  away   from  where  I live ,  and  the  subsequent  riots I  did  not  have  the  will  to  write  a  post.  This  man  did  not  deserve to  be  treated  in  such  a  terrible  way   which  led to  his  death.  It  just  takes  one  bad  apple to  give  the  police  a   bad  name , where  as  99% of them  are  professional and  do  their  job   properly. May  George  rest  in peace  in   God’s  Kingdom.

The  restrictions  are  starting  to  loosen  up throughout  our  state. The  restaurants  started having  patio  and  sidewalk  dining  on Monday  which  is  huge  for  the  owners  in  maintaining  their  businesses. Further  loosening  is  taking  place   next  week.


Last weekend  we  did  some  yardwork. The  grass was  cut   and  edged. Then our  daughter  babysat  and we  went to the  home improvement  store  to  get  concete  edging  pieces  for around  our  two  trees  and  put  mulch inside. We  also  got  edging  pavers  for  under  our  deck  but  they are  not  installed  yet.

The  kids  are  enjoying  the  pool  this  last  2 weeks since  set up. They  are  officially  finished  with  school  now .  There    were   drive  thru  parades to  make  it  feel  more special .

Last  weekend  it  was  confirmed  that  my  Sister  and  her  family  will not  be  joining  us  this  summer  on  vacation. I  knew  it  was  coming  but  they  will  rearrange it  for  next  year.


Please  rate out of  10  this pretty  floral  print  tea  dress see here


Have  a  wonderful  weekend, take  care  ,  Terri xo.


4 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 6th

  1. I have been thinking of you, knowing you live in Minnesota. Such tragic events! We do need the police, most are good, unfortunately, some are not. Police brutality must be stopped, as well as violence and riots which only cause more death and destruction.

    The dress is lovely, fresh and summery!

    God bless America!


    1. Thank you so much Carmen for thinking of me. I am 30 miles away from the area that man needlessly died in May. You are right most are good and I think all police forces will weed out the bad ones now. The dress is definitely fresh and summery , the main reason for picking it. I have been so busy, I need to catch up on your blog soon which I love! God bless you and yours too, Terri xo.

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  2. Hey Terri! Oh my gosh I didn’t realize you were so close to where the riots were. I am so glad you’re safe. It’s such a terrible thing that happened, I feel for his family and the entire black community. I also feel for the good cops that keep us safe. I’m so sorry your sister won’t be coming on vacation with you. I love the dress. Stay safe and take care 🙂

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    1. Yes they were that close Courtney but nothing came to my neighborhood thank God, we are in a south suburb. One officers actions have caused so much trouble , God bless George Floyd. It is a pity my sister will not be coming but it will be better if they wait a year and everything will be open! Thanks on the dress, stay safe also, I hope you are having a relaxing weekend, Terri xo.


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