Dress of the week May 23rd( and a special shoutout!)

Good morning Ladies ! We are celebrating Memorial day weekend here in the United States. It is a time to honor the Men and Women who died in service to the country so we can have the freedoms we do today. God bless you all.

It is quite a different one this year with all the shutdowns due to covid 19. We will pretty much be at home , but might meet up with the in-laws also. Our pool did go up last weekend . And as i thought our 10 yr old and 7 yr old daredevils had to jump into the frigid water once it was filled!! Boys! It is raining this morning, I hope it dries up later though.The week up until now was very routine , we will try and get out and about today though with walks or bike rides .gfdPlease rate out of 10 this polka dot sequin cotton knit pleated dress from e Shakti , see herefdShoutout !!- To Courtney and Jake on the birth of their first child the beautiful Scarlett Victoria on May 14th ! Congratulations to you both💗Have a lovely weekend, Terri xo .


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