Dress of the week May 23rd( and a special shoutout!)

Good morning Ladies ! We are celebrating Memorial day weekend here in the United States. It is a time to honor the Men and Women who died in service to the country so we can have the freedoms we do today. God bless you all.

It is quite a different one this year with all the shutdowns due to covid 19. We will pretty much be at home , but might meet up with the in-laws also. Our pool did go up last weekend . And as i thought our 10 yr old and 7 yr old daredevils had to jump into the frigid water once it was filled!! Boys! It is raining this morning, I hope it dries up later though.The week up until now was very routine , we will try and get out and about today though with walks or bike rides .gfdPlease rate out of 10 this polka dot sequin cotton knit pleated dress from e Shakti , see herefdShoutout !!- To Courtney and Jake on the birth of their first child the beautiful Scarlett Victoria on May 14th ! Congratulations to you bothūüíóHave a lovely weekend, Terri xo .

Dress of the week May 9th!

Good morning Ladies!  I am  coming  to  you  from  a wet  and  cooler  Minnesota  today. We  had  some  really  nice  weather  during  the  week up  until Yesterday when  the  rain  started. But  it  will  be  great  for  the  plants  and  flowers  to  bloom.OIPCUN1MKLV

we  finished  our  first  full  week  as  a puppy  family  and  it  is  going  pretty  good. Tucker  is  full of  life as  you  would  expect   for  a  9   week old  puppy.  He  did  have  a  few  accidents  in  the  house  but  we  are  working  on  those. He  is  confined  to  one  room  at  the  moment  as  well as  our  back  yard .  The  kids  are  happy  to  have   him !

On¬† Tuesday¬† night¬† when we¬† closed¬† the¬† garage for¬† the¬† night¬† there¬† was a¬† loud¬† thud as¬† it¬† was¬† finishing¬† closing . We¬† went¬† to¬† investigate¬† and it¬† was tight¬† to¬† the¬† ground on one¬† side and¬† 6¬† inches¬† up on¬† the¬† other. The¬† cable on one¬† side¬† that operates¬† it¬† snapped . We¬†¬† secured¬† the¬† door¬† for¬† the¬† night¬† and¬† the¬† next¬† day¬† the¬† garage¬† door¬† company¬† came¬† and¬† fixed¬† it. Luckily we¬† didn’t¬† need¬† to¬† be¬† anywhere or¬† get¬† the¬† cars¬† out!

On  Friday  we  did  take out from a  local  restaurant  and  I am  glad  to  say  they  are  doing  well !  Its  good  to  see  gradual restrictions  in other  areas  being  lifted .

Please  rate  out  of  10   this  floral  print  crepe  dress  in  off white  blush  and  blue  floral  print. See here  It  can  be  customized , and  I  did it  here as  the  neckline had  a  deep plunge!

ssTake  care  all ,  Terri xo.