Dress of the week May 16th!

Good  morning  Ladies! Welcome  to a  sunny  Minnesota of   57f . It is  supposed  to  turn  to  rain  later  so  as  I  type it  is  nice  looking  out  at our  backyard covered  in   sun.

Last Weekend  was  pretty  relaxing  with some  house  projects getting   done .  We   did  online  Church again.  We  also learned  that  our  Pastor  was  asked by  our  Bishop  to take over  a  different  parish in  our Diocese and after much reflection  he  accepted  the  position . We  will  be  sad  to  lose  him   but  he  said the  new  Priest  coming  in  is  highly thought of!  On  Mothers  day the  kids  gifted  a  Dunkin donuts ( they  just  call it  dunkin  now I know  but  old  habits…!)  cup  and  a  tasty  cake  along   with  a  card!


On  Thursday  there  was  a  car  parade  at  the  kids  school  so  they got to see  some  of  their  friend’s from  a  distance. They  also wanted  to  try  the  school  lunch a  few  days  for  something  different  , you  get it to  go.

From  Monday  stores and  especially  small  businesses  will  be  allowed  to open here. They  have  been  hurting  and  with  restrictions  will  be  a  big   lifeline  to  them .  Also  gatherings  of  10 or less  will be  permitted.   How  is  everyone  else  holding  up?

frOur  new  Puppy  Tucker  with one of  his  toys!

We  might  put our  our  above  ground  pool  Today ! It  will  be a  great  attraction   for  the  kids  if  we  get  to  have  the  water  warm  for  a  week or  so.

Please  rate out  of  10 this   pretty floral  print  Blouson dress ,  see here




Wishing  you  a fabulous  weekend, I hope  you  get  out  for  a  walk  or  maybe  a  bike  ride, Terri xo.


6 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 16th!

  1. WOW! You’re already putting up the pool?! It will be ready for the kids when it gets warmer. Not warm enough here for swimming. Our spring has been very cool with snow in May. We are planning a family walk in the forest tomorrow. I’m thankful that stores will be opening soon here. Livelihood is important for people.

    I love florals and I’m wearing one in my new post. Florals are as timeless as flowers in a garden — never out of style. I’ll give this one an 8.



    1. Yes the pool is up Carmen! It is supposed to warm rhis coming week and that will help warm the water.Our two daredevil sons had to jump in though Yesterday afternoon even though it was freezing! Boys! It will be another activity for the kids during lockdown. I hope Spring starts to catch up for you. I hope you enjoy your walk in the forest. Livelihood is important and we have to strike a balance to support these stores.Aww yes florals are a weak spot for Me as you can tell Carmen! Thanks for the rating, happy Sunday, Terri xo.

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