Dress of the week May 2nd!

Good morning Ladies from a sunny Minnesota! How are you today? I think spring is here to stay , the trees are budding and the grass is greening nicely.

I didn’t post last week, I didn’t have much to report during our lockdown times we are living through. It was announced that the kids will do distant learning for the rest of the school year. Most businesses will stay closed until the 18th of this month also.

We did have a new addition to the family Yesterday ! Ok , its not our 5th child but an 8 week old puppy we have called Tucker. The kids have wanted a puppy forever and we have put it off until now . They will be responsible for helping to Care for the little guy.Tucker!

Today will be spent at home  mostly, and maybe a bonfire  later.  Shoutout:  to my sister Fiona who has a milestone birthday today starting her 4th decade🎂

Please rate out of 10 this puff sleeve tribal print bardot dress , see here Wishing you all a beautiful start to May and that it will be a month of  hope  and joy, Terri xo.