Dress of the week April 19th

Good morning Ladies from a sunny Minnesota morning of 40f ! It got into the 60s yesterday our first warm day in a while. Last Sunday , Easter we had a snowstorm that dropped 4 inches! The Easter bunny arrived overnight and the snow had just started as they were doing their hunt !After they came in it really started heavy. At 10.30am we celebrated Easter mass with our pastor. It’s hard being away from church but online is better than not having it.

Our neighbor, a single Dad joined us for lunch (his Daughter was with Mom last week) . We also did a zoom chat with the extended family which was nice , especially for the great grandparents who are isolated in their assisted living apartment. It is a very hard time for the elderly.Our Monday to Friday was pretty straightforward with distant learning taking place.

Yesterday we restrained our deck ! With help from the aforementioned neighbor we got 98% of it done with just some touch up to do . We changed from natural stain to solid deep charcoal. We have to pick up one more gallon to finish it this week!

Some things are slowly opening up here which is good.Please rate out of 10 this notched neck curved hem floral dress from Shein see here.Have a beautiful finish to your weekend, Terri xo