Dress of the week April 11

Good morning Ladies,  and after a two week break I am back! I was not feeling down or anything , quite the opposite actually,   I have been staying positive in these new times we are living in with covid  19. It is very sad the foothold that this virus has taken on the whole world. Our family has been staying safe throughout this. The  kids are adjusting to distance learning which started a little under 2 weeks ago. There were a few teething problems with some of the apps but they are all sorted out now.  We have been keeping busy though with walks and bike rides. There are also new chores that they have been assigned which they hadn’t been doing much of up until this!

Going to the store is not as crazy as it was about two weeks ago! They are all pretty well stocked right now, I can even find toilet tissue!

We have been doing Church online as well, our pastor has been doing a great job with that .  He is a priest in his mid-thirties and one of the things he gave up for Lent was social media. Then the lockdown happened and he’s never been busier on social media!
Please rate , out of 10 this floral print Dupioni empire waist dress, see here it would be perfect for church on Easter Sunday if we all could attend!       
Wishing you all a blessed Easter,  stay safe, Terri xo.