Dress of the week January 18th

Good morning ladies! On this the third weekend of the New Year I am finally writing a new post . I am sorry I did not get to write over the last few weekends I have been having laptop issues. I got a new laptop but did not like it so send it back. My next one is due to arrive on Tuesday so for now I am writing this from my cell phone. The last few weekends have been busy.

On New Year’s Eve we stayed home and had some friends over. They brought their kids and we played a bunch of board games which was so fun. They did not stay to ring in the New Year as it was getting late for the kids. On January 2nd the kids went back to school and everything was back to normal. 

Think Spring Terri….!

Last weekend we visited the kids great-grandparents( my in-laws) the one Great Grandma fell and broke her arm a while after Thanksgiving and we had not got to see her. So we seen her and her husband, and we drove about 10 miles and got to see the other great grandma. It was 8:00 in the evening when we got home but it was a very worthwhile day.

On Monday night during a snowstorm we went to see our daughter sing for her school choir performance. She is 7th grade , and they are getting better all the time! Today we received our new grey sectional couch for the basement! It looks great and finishes off the improvements we made there .

Please rate out of 10 this ruffle frill floral print wrap dress see  hereShout out! To my wonderful mom who turns 82 years old today ❤❤❤

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your weekend, Terri xo. 

8 thoughts on “Dress of the week January 18th

  1. Hey Terri! Glad to see you back. So sorry about your laptop problems, that must be frustrating. Your NYE sounded so fun, mine was very laid back too. So sorry the great grandma got hurt. I hope she’s doing better! Aww happy b-day to your mom.What a lovely dress. I might need to get it. I think this would actually work on me right now with a bump. I’ve found out the empire waist styles are flattering.


    1. Thank you Courtney it is good to be back ! I recieved my new laptop last night and this is the first time using it replying to you. It was a fun NYE . I am glad yours was good too. She is slowly on the mend Courtney. She is in a recovery home and needs to get approval to go back home , being able to dress herself , and being more mobile on her own. she is not pleased to stay there but it is for the best. Thanks for the birthday wishes to my Mom !!! It would look good on you and work for a pregnant Lady, they definitely are flattering. Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


  2. Happy birthday to your mom! I was at my friend’s birthday party on Saturday (same day as your mom’s birthday) she is 100 and even got a letter from the Queen of England! I’m a huge fan of wrap dresses and I wore my mom’s wrap dress to the birthday party.

    There’s no sign of spring in our neck of the woods, however, I am doing spring cleaning: cleaning out cupboards and organizing, also selling several items in an attempt to downsize a bit.

    Snuggled up on the sofa watching Hallmark movies on cold winter nights is one of my favourite things to beat the winter blues. 🙂

    Your grey sectional couch sounds lovely. Perhaps you’ll post a photo now that the improvements are finished. 🙂


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    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes to my Mom Carmen! Oh my, God bless your friend on turning 100 ! That is nice to get a letter from the Queen. How wonderful to be able to wear your Mom’s dresses, great memories for you also. It is wishful thinking on my part also wishing for Spring, we both have a journey to go! That is a great idea spring cleaning early while it is cold outside. Then you have more time to be outdoors when Spring does get here. It is nice to get some extra spending money too! I love watching hallmark and being snuggled up too! I have not got to watch it since Christmas though. I will post a photo of the couch soon Carmen. Thanks for visiting , take care , Terri xoxo.

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  3. Good morning, Terri and Happy Sunday! Happy belated birthday to your mom too. Your mom was born 5 days before my dad was born. ❤

    How nice that you got to visit the great grandmas. The visit with the little ones probably made their month so special. My grandparents LOVED visits with their great grandchildren so much.

    My daughter is in the women's choir at her college, and I agree that it is wonderful hearing the singing and listening to live music; it's food for the soul.

    It sounds like you've been getting lots of snow. Has any of it had a chance to melt? We've been very lucky… so far.

    Enjoy your new couch! We need one too, but for our living room… and we need new carpet. The state of each is so bad that I'd be embarrassed to have someone over!

    I'm not sure how you can write a post on a phone, but you did… and did a great job! I hope your new laptop proves to be a winner for you.

    Very pretty dress, love the print. At first I thought you were modeling. 😉

    Hugs from COLD Illinois! ❤

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    1. Happy Sunday to you too Cindy! Thanks on behalf of my mom for the birthday wishes. That is amazing that they are only five days apart! The visit to the great great grandparents probably did make their month. They definitely were happy to see the kids. I am not sure how much into it our daughter will go with the choir but it is good for right now for her. I’m glad you get to see your daughter perform also. We have had snow on and off since Friday afternoon here and right now there is still a few flakes falling but the totals were only about 5 in so far. There will be no more thing for a little while! I hope you get the chance to pick up a new couch and carpet soon Cindy, there is always something to do in the house isn’t there? If I stop by I won’t say anything about the carpet or couch! With doing my post to the phone the old saying where there’s a will there’s a way applies for me! Thank you for the encouragement. I like the dress pretty well it’s not my favorite but it’s nice to see what other people think. That’s very kind of you to think that that was me modeling it, if only I could look as well as the model! Thank you so much for visiting I hope it warms up for you a little, Terri xo.


      1. Hi, Terri. Nonsense, I am sure you would look even more beautiful in your dress of the week! ❤
        You don't have much snow on the ground; we have more! I'm hoping it might warm up now to melt it–then we can start over again–til spring, that is. I picked up a little hyacinth bulb growing in a vase at Trader Joe's today and now I am all ready for spring to arrive.
        I hope you have a sun-filled week, Terri.

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      2. Aww you are so kind Cindy to say that about me modelling the dress! There is snow piled up from previous storms though. I hope it warms for you so winter is no so visible. That is a great purchase of a hyacinth bulb . It will be pretty when it grows out and flowers. Thinking sunny days ahead for both of us , Terri xoxo.

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