Dress of the week December 21st

Good morning ladies! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Temperatures have started to improve since last week it is 19 degrees Fahrenheit or -7 Celsius. It is a warm-up! By tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the late thirties .

Last Sunday after church that was a Christmas party with a light lunch and the kids got to make over 20 different crafts. They had fun gluing and glittering and pinning on various items!

This week has been busy with last-minute Christmas preparation. The kids finished school yesterday, we went to see our Pre-K son perform in the little Christmas Pageant, it was cute. The kids also brought little gifts for their teachers in appreciation for all they do.

We will leave at around noon on Christmas Eve to go to my in-laws for Christmas . We usually go to Christmas Eve church and then stay over the following day. What are your plans for Christmas?

Please rate out of 10 this Chelsea dress with cute pleats and high-waisted band.

Wishing you a merry and blessed Christmas Terri xoxo

8 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 21st

  1. Hey Terri! Oh my goodness, so cold! I just love this dress and am glad you spent Christmas with your in-laws! Happy New Year! Xo- Courtney


    1. Yes it was a little cold even for here Courtney! I’m glad you liked that dress! It was a fun time with my in-laws, 2020 will be a Big Year for you and Jake sending you both many blessings, Terri xoxo.


  2. Happy Christmas Terri!

    Green is the perfect colour for an Irish lady at Christmas! 😉

    We are enjoying Christmastime with our grandchildren. We have three now and this is our youngest grandchild’s first Christmas!

    Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas season and God’s blessings of health and joy for 2020!


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    1. Happy Christmas to you too Carmen! Green definitely is a nice color for an Irish lady but I know my favorite Canadian lady would look fabulous in it too! I am sure you had a lot of fun with the grandkids especially having the Newest member here this year! Sending New Year wishes to you and yours as well,

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  3. Hello, Terri. We’ve had a great weekend here–sunny and up to 52 degrees today! It was wonderful! We walked around an outdoor shopping center, and enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. I hope you had sunshine and higher temps too.
    How fun to have attended your littlest one’s Christmas pageant. The preschoolers are adorable! I have fond memories of those years. I’ll bet it’s fun to have begun Christmas break for all your kids. I hope it goes nice and slow for them.
    Christmas Eve mass is the preferred time around here too. The church is so pretty at night with white lights glittering everywhere. And the anticipation… well, it can be felt. When I was growing up there wasn’t yet Christmas Eve mass–us kids had such a hard time leaving our new toys and going to church for morning mass.
    I wish you and your family the merriest and most blessed of Christmases, Terri! ❤


    1. I’m just getting back to you now Cindy! It has been a busy few days. 52 degrees amazing! , that must have been so fun walking around the shopping center in the sunshine. Our temperatures have been higher as well it has gotten into the low 40s . Yes they were pretty adorable the preschoolers! They are enjoying Christmas break already . Yes I love Christmas Eve Mass! It is amazing how we are in anticipation every year . Oh yes I can imagine it was hard to pry yourself away from the new toys! Wishing you and yours also have a very blessed Christmas, Terri xoxo.

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