Dress of the week December 15th

Good  morning  ladies !  How  are  you  today?  As  I  type it is -6f  or -22c  with sun. It is  the  same minus  temps it was  last week  with an ever increasing blanket of  snow forming on the  ground . We  had  a few  small  snowfalls  during the  week . At least the  sun is  shining , I will take  that small victory!

Last weekend  was  pretty  quiet  for me , with housework  and  a  little  shopping.  The week up until Friday was  pretty uneventful . We went to our local Mexican restaurant  on Friday night , taking our daughter’s Friend with us.  Saturday    Morning there  was  more housework ( go figure!)  In the afternoon we  went to the mall to meet the extended  family . ( my father -in-law arranged a  guys night out  at  the monster jam  truck  event at the vikings stadium )  and the Girls hungout at  the  mall for a  few  hours . Win win for everyone !  It was  close to midnight  when we got home after  the two groups  met up again .  Today after Church there is an arts and crafts  Christmas  party for the kids.

My Christmas decor:  as promised to you who asked  here are pics of our Christmas decorations !

countdown board!
village 1
village 2
hutch area
The snow family!
our tree
Nativity of Jesus

I hope  you enjoyed  a  look into our  home !

Please  rate out of 10  this polka dot embellished double breasted dress, see here

Have a  fabulous week , Christmas is  creeping up on us , Terri xo.

website image
my customized version!



8 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 15th

  1. I cannot believe those temperatures!!! That night out with the mall & monster trucks sounds like fun all around! I went to the mall this past week and was shocked how not crowded it was just prior to Christmas- did you have the same experience? I adore your Christmas decor!! We didn’t have time to decorate this time around, but I’m living vicariously through yours!! I love the subtle polka dots on that dress by the way. So good to read your blog. Have a great weekend, Terri 🙂

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    1. The temperatures were pretty cold Mackenzie! It has warmed up a it now , this weekend is in the 30s. The mall was was. Fun , our mall was quite packed , but online shopping is taking away a lot of people. Aww you can live through my decor anytime Dear! Thanks for the compliments.The polka dots add to the dress a lot, it is a pretty one! I am glad you are enjoying my blog, I have to catch up with yours! Thanks for visiting, happy Sunday, Terri xo.

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  2. Hi Terri! Christmas is just around the corner and you’re home looks merry and bright! It’s cold here too but supposedely going to warm up a bit. I don’t mind the snow as long as I can stay inside, it looks lovely from the window.

    This is such a pretty dress – 10!

    Merry Christmas! 🎄

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    1. Thank you so much, for the compliments on our home Christmas decor! It was a team effort. It has warmed up here we were in the forties Fahrenheit, for a few days right now it is 0 Celsius which feels warm for here! It’s true it’s nice to look at it the blanket of snow! I’m glad you like this dress when I seen it I knew I had to post it! Wishing you your husband and All the family a blessed Christmas, take care Carmen, Terri xo

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  3. Hey Terri! Oh my goodness y’all are having some cold weather. Yum, I love Mexican food. Probably my favorite kind.

    Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas décor. Everything looks gorgeous. 🙂

    I am loving the dress of the week, very vintage.

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    1. Yes it was cold Courtney , now it is a balmy 19 degrees !!Aww i do like mexican , It is always a filling meal when we go, I was good this time, no margarita’s this time !! You are welcome about the Christmas Decor , I hope it was well laid out ! Isn’t this dress gorgeous , it is an e shakti! Thanks for visiting Dear , Terri xo.


  4. Hi, Terri. Yes, Christmas is creeping up on us! Thank you for sharing pics of your house all decorated for Christmas. You’ve done quite a bit of work getting many areas all festive and bright–so many corners and spots have been transformed. I love your staircase with the countdown chalkboard calendar. And your little houses are very sweet. It looks like a German village? I have never seen a nativity set with the Three Wise Men and the shepherds still on their way to visit baby Jesus. I always have to squeeze mine in as there is no foreground to the display.
    I think our weather is finally different than you and you guys got the ‘not nice’ part. We have NO SNOW! and are warmer. It’s not warm, but warmer than you. Although the sun is shining this morning it is a very rare occurrence. That part hasn’t been enjoyable. Anyway, we will no doubt catch up to you temp-wise and snow-wise. I’m thankful for our ‘easy days’ as the ice would have been extra hard with my back. Falling would have probably been catastrophic for me. (I am doing a little better and start physical therapy next week.)
    Love that shade of red mixed with black.
    I hope you and your family enjoy this third week of Advent! ❤

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    1. Hi Cindy , thank you, we all helped to decorate which was nice. The countdown board is a cute addition we got this year. The German houses are a hand me down from the great Grandparents after they moved from their house to an apartment. The nativity set comes as a box with a bow on top and the sides hinge down to form the nativity scene. Truly a wonderful present! I am glad you have warmer weather. You might get a little cooler and get snow to stay on the ground. It is good you have no ice , but be careful Dear. I wish you well with physical therapy coming up. The deep with the black and the double breasted dress caught my eye in choosing this weeks selection. It was a nice third week of Advent, The Priest and Deacons had their rose colored vestments which looked great. Thanks for visiting Cindy, Terri xo.


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