Dress of the week September 28 .

Good morning  Ladies , welcome  to  the  last post of  September (yikes!)    This  month is  moving  fast, the  kids are back at  school    4 weeks  now  and  the  signs  of  Autumn/fall are  everywhere.  Certain  trees  are  starting  to change  color and  the  weather is cooler in  the  mornings.  We  have  been  quite  lucky that the days  have  mostly  brought us  sunshine.


Last   weekend it  was  me alone  against  the  kids. there was  a mini college reunion  that  my  love  had  to attend  so I  was  Mom  and  Dad !  We  did  3  hours  of  soccer  then  with our  neighbor  and  his  Daughter (she plays soccer too)  went  to Freddy’s  (Mackenzie you need to go!)  for  lunch.  We  came  home  and  the  boys  had  a  friend  over  for  a  sleepover. I got  through  a  mountain of  laundry too !

Sunday   we  went to Church and  then  in  the  afternoon  there  was  softball.  Monday  and  Tuesday was  pretty  straightforward   and  then Wednesday  evening  there  was  a mass/ service for  our  kids   starting  Church class for  the  year. They got  to meet  their  teachers  after and  class starts  next  Wednesday.  On  Thursday after  the  kids went to bed we  watched  from  dvr Chicago fire and  Chicago pd  . Do you watch those  shows?

Please  rate out of  10  this of the  shoulder   ruffled  Maxi  dress see here


Have  a lovely  weekend, Terri xo.


6 thoughts on “Dress of the week September 28 .

  1. Happy October Terri! What a lovely autumnal photo of a charming town!
    I don’t watch those shows and haven’t heard of them. We’ve been watching old classic movies.

    9 for this pretty dress.


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    1. Aww happy October to you too Carmen ! It is 48f or 9c and rainy right , not my kind of weather! I would love to say that I took the photo but it was on my tumblr feed . The classics are the best, and the fashion always catches my eye, you probably know that already ! Thanks for the rating, it is a lovely Autumn dress for the southern United states , we would have to add to it up here where we live. Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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  2. Hey Terri! Happy October. What a nice feeling when the trees start changing. We still have over a month more (it happens around Thanksgiving here). Sounds like a nice weekend! That dress is adorable, perfect for fall.

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    1. Happy October to you too Courtney ! It is 48 and rainy here right now . But yes I love the beauty of the trees changing. Oh wow it is late for the changing but nice to see on a long weekend like thanksgiving. This dress is cute , I had you in mind when picking it. Works better for your fall! Have a beautiful day, thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


  3. Good morning, Terri. That downtown photo is beautiful, so cozy. I’d love to go there! Is that somewhere close to you?

    Being mom AND dad sounds nearly impossible with four, and then a sleepover friend to top it off. You have tons of energy! Your kids are just now starting school for the year? Is that typical for MN? Here, school has been in session since before Labor Day!

    No, I don’t watch those shows. I don’t think I have ever seen those either. It’s crazy, but this year we’ve been enjoying the old sitcoms on the ME tv network–Gomer Pyle, Andy Griffith, and Green Acres. They are hilarious!

    That dress is pretty. The print is perfect for fall, but the off-the-shoulder style–great for summer, but it is now so chilly here that I’d freeze. We switched over from AC to heat last night. I don’t think it went on, but it was close.

    I hope you have a great Sunday, Terri! ❤


    1. Hi Cindy , I would love to say that the downtown photo was near me but I found it on my tumblr photo feed ! It is a pretty pic! Aww even with 4 kids you learn to adapt , it was ok really. the kids started on the day after labor day. We got into the Chicago shows from their start and love them! That is so nice you watch the old shows . I love them best at heart but get teased here for watching them!! It is featured as a fall dress but I think for somewhere a little south of us ! I thought it was very pretty. We will be going to heat soon I Think ! happy Sunday, our Minnesota vikings are in Chicago today, I am not really a fan though ! Have a lovely afternoon, thanks so much for visiting Cindy, Terri xoxo.


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