Dress of the week September 21st !

Good  afternoon  ladies  and  happy Autumn !   It  is  a  very  changeable  weather  day  here.  it  started  in  the  early  hours  with   rain then  it  was  cloudy  with strong  winds and  now it  is sunny  and  nice.

We  had a   very  warm  week  with temps  in  the  high  80s figuring  in  the humidity. We  got  August  temps in  September  and  September  temps in the  last  half  of  August !!



Last  weekend    was  a   fast  one. We  had  soccer  on Saturday ,  and  my  in-laws  visited  on  Sunday . They  came  to watch our  daughter  play  fall  softball . On  Monday  we  had  a first, our  4  kids  were  playing/practicing  sports  all at  the  same  time, the  boys  soccer  and  our  daughter  softball. A sign of  things  to  come ??   My  phone  fell on  Wednesday   and  the  screen  cracked 😦  I  have  insurance  on  it  and  had  to  wait  two  days  to get  the  replacement  but I  was  able  to use  an old  one  to get  by.

I  would  like  to  thank  everyone  on  the  sweet  compliments they  gave  me  on   the  first photo   I  published  of  myself  here. I was  a little  nervous but you all  put  me  at  ease !

pink top and  cardigan  with  black skirt


Please  rate out of  10  this floral  print    empire  cotton  dress, see here


Have  a  lovely  weekend,  Terri xo.






10 thoughts on “Dress of the week September 21st !

  1. Hi Terri! You sure are a busy and caring mother! Your children are very blessed to have you and I know you feel the same about them! 🙂

    I had a cracked screen on my iPhone and my 13-year-old grandson was able to replace it. It was quite a procedure and I was amazed at his skill.

    Pink and black are a lovely pair! Very pretty outfit and I’m glad we’re getting to see what you wear! The yellow dress has a cute vintage vibe and I love the colour; I’ll give it an 8 (not my usual 10 because I don’t like the puffy sleeves).


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    1. Aww it is always busy but we get through . It is good that there are 2 against four usually but there was a college friends meet up this past weekend and I was on my own. We are blessed ! Your Grandson is going to be a very smart young man if he can fix an iphone at 13! Pink and black are a nice pair , I do like the top and cardigan together. thank you Carmen. it is a pretty nice dress I give it a 7 myself . Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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  2. Happy Fall! I am so sorry about your phone. Phone insurance is a good thing. Yay so glad to see you again. Loving this outfit, pink is a beautiful color on you.

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    1. Happy fall to you Courtney, I thought it started on the 21st ! Yes I am happy to have phone insurance , I am a bit clutsy so I just paid $10 deductible! Aww thank you so much again for your compliments. I like the color combo and it is a cute top and cardigan together. , thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


  3. Oh, for some reason when I came to your blog via the URL this morning, not your email like I usually do, the post on your home screen is from August 10th. I had to click on the September 21st post via the side bar. Just thought I’d let you know…

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  4. Hi, Terri. Another beautiful photo of you. It’s so nice to see you like pink too! It’s one of my favorite colors. You all are SO busy with soccer. I could never keep all those games straight. Are they all held at the same place at least? I am sorry about your phone, but yay for insurance. My husband bought insurance for my phone too. My phone is only about 6 months old and it has dropped (I didn’t drop it all 3 times–once it dropped itself–I was clear across the room… hmm) 3 times–no cracked screen–yet, thankfully. I am quite clumsy and my husband knows it. The yellow dress is so pretty and cheerful! I love the sandals more though! Those ankle ties are adorable! Enjoy the new week, Terri. I cannot believe this is the last full week in September! Yikes! ❤

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    1. Awww thank you so much Cindy. yes pink is one of my favorites and I got to wear it in a top and cardigan ! Soccer is keeping us busy right now , they are all at the same complex . its just 3 hours in a row ! It is usually the two of us but I was on my own as there was a college friends get together! Cindy , I am a clutz ! I need insurance and am happy to pay the $10 deductible ! That is weird that the phone dropped by itself. The dress is pretty , I would give it a 7 . And you are right the sandals are very cute ! Oh Cindy it is the last week and it is so dark in the mornings now. They have been cool here . i hope you get time to go for a walk these days . Thanks for visiting , take care Terri xo.

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