Dress of the week September 15th !

Good  morning  Ladies  !!  I  am  a day  late  with  my  weekly  post ,  I  was  busy  chatting  with  friends  yesterday  morning  which  was  fun  so here  I  am  now .

Last  weekend  we  had  soccer  in  the  morning   and  then   I  surprised  our  9yr  old  with  a   trip to  the  le  Duc  Mansion  for  a  civil  war  era day of  activities  with  re – enactments  with  cannon  and  gun  firing  and also  a  look  at   games  and  toys  kids  played  with in  that  era. There was  spinning  wheel   demonstrations  too. It was also  featuring  Women of  the  civil  war  this  year with a  lot  of  Ladies    wearing    beautiful  period   dresses.   They  had  a  demonstration  and  fashion  show of  all  the  different  dress types  from  workwear  to  Sunday  best.  We  also  got to  tour  the beautiful  mansion  itself and  how  it  is  preserved .

Sunday  we  went  to Church in  the  morning and and  had a  relaxing  day  at  home.   Our  Daughter  played  her  first   volleyball  game on  Tuesday  for  her  school. This  is  her  first  year  playing  and  is  enjoying  it.  She  is  also  playing  fall  softball so is  busy !


Our  little  guy   had  a  slight   choking  incident  on  Wednesday  evening  eating   a  PBJ  sandwich . He  coughed  it  up  but  was  in  distress  still  so I  took  him  to  the  ER  to  get  checked  out  as  a  precaution. They  said  his  breathing  was  fine .  After  drinking  some  water   there he was in  better  form, more like  himself , I  think something might  have  been  stuck in  his  throat  and  needed  to be  dislodged.   He  is  back  to normal and  doing  good in  preschool.

This  weekend  has  been  pretty  relaxing  so  far, we  are  starting  to  drain our  pool .  A  sign of  cooler  times !

Me in  my  Black floral  dress

Please  rate  out of  10  this   Floral  embellished  cotton  knit  dress in  lilac  and  violet  It has  a  full flare skirt and  boat  neck  See here

Have a  beautiful  week, Terri  xo.



9 thoughts on “Dress of the week September 15th !

  1. Oh my, you look so pretty in your floral dress Terri and I love your hair! I will rate it … 10+ Seriously, Terri, it’s a real treat to see you! Hope you post more outfits so we can see the dresses you wear!

    Thanks be to God that your little boy is fine! That can be quite a scare when your child is choking, we’ve been through that as well!

    Happy Friday!


    1. Aww it is so kind of you to say Carmen! I really like this floral dress ,one of my top faves. It is sweet of you to compliment the hair too. I am glad I was able to give you a treat, my heart was beating fast as I hit “publish ” but it felt good . I will post more going forward .
      Yes thank God he was fine , it was good to take him to get checked out. Sorry you had to experience that before too. Thanks for visiting and the compliments! Have a happy Friday and weekend, Terri xo.

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  2. Hey Terri! The le Duc Mansion sounded so fun! I would love to see fashion from different periods. It sounds like you have had a great week except I am so sorry about your little guy. I am glad to hear he is okay though. That was smart to take him to the ER just incase. Ahhh I love your LBD and I am so excited to see you post pictures of yourself. You’re beautiful and should post more pics of yourself. Xo- Courtney


    1. Hi Courtney , the mansion was so fun for all ages . The dresses were really pretty but I can imagine the floor length dresses would be hard to wear day in and day out as the women of that era had to wear . Our little guy is back to normal, thank you so much for your concern . Awww I love this floral black dress , it is so comfy and it was a challenge posting for the first time. My heart was beating fast as i hit “publish” Thank you for the sweet compliment . I try my best to look good! I will probably have more confidence posting a few more of me now. Thanks for visiting Courtney , have a nice night, Terri xo.


  3. ohTerri; you look so lovely! That is a beautiful frock! and like Cindy so grateful to hear your littlest is doing ok. phew; that is so scary though. Hugssssss!! and many blessings 🙂


    1. Aww thank you Cala for your sweet compliment! The frock is very nice to wear and comfy . Thank you , he is doing good, back to a normal little boy ! Blessings back to you and thanks for visiting , huggs, Terri xo.


  4. Hi, Terri. So fun to see a photo of beautiful YOU!!! I love your dress. I have a couple of black florals on order from J. Jill for this fall. I must credit you for me finding a love for dresses, and I mean to wear as a daily uniform. Before I started reading your blog I hadn’t had a dress on in more than a decade. You put the thought into my head, thank you. I find that dresses are so easy to wear, one-piece–no coordinating tops and bottoms, and I always feel put together. Thank you!

    Oh, my! I’m so glad your little one is okay. That must have been frightening!!! Yikes!

    Someday I’d love to see yarn being spun. Do you knit?

    Have a beautiful Sunday, Terri. I hope you’re not having the dreary morning we are…


    1. Aww thank you so much Cindy, I am not sure how much beauty is there but its the first time I put my photo up. This is a really comfy floral dress to wear. Aww I am sure your dresses will be so pretty when they arrive. You are so welcome Cindy, I am glad you have a renewed love of dresses. I am glad you will get to wear them as a uniform , you probably needed a kickstart to try dresses again, I am happy to help. Dresses are a lot easier than seperates and wont fall down or need a belt usually. It was a bit scary with our youngest but I am glad I took him to the ER . You can never be too careful can you ? It was so nice watching the lady spin the yarn , she said it is relaxing for her. I dont knit now but i hope in the future to get the needles out. I hope your Sunday is going good and the sun has come out. it was dreary before but the sun shone through around 10 am. on the way to mass. Thanks so much for visiting and the compliments again, Terri xo.


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