Dress of the week September 7th

Good  morning  Ladies  and  welcome  to September !  Last  weekend  being  Labor  day  was  a  nice  long  one before  the  kids  went back to school.  We  started  with  soccer  on  Saturday  morning  which   was  fun. The  rest of  the  day  went  quickly , in  the  evening  we went  on a  date  where  we  met my  in-laws and  my  mother-in-laws  best  friend  and  her  husband   to go to  an  escape  room! Our  mission  was  to  find  evidence against Miss Amanda Treedeath in  some  bad  acts  she  did .  We  had  to  find  clues  to open   suitcases , doors  in  order  to  get  to  the  next  stage. the  setting  was  her  apartment  and  we  went  through  all  her  stuff to find  clues, her   dresser  kitchen  cabinets  , even  the  trash  can! We  did  not  escape  the  room  but  it  was  so  much  fun  and  I  recommend it to  anyone !   The people  there  in  charge  said  6  people  is  an  ideal  number  for  an  escape  room.

Sunday  we  went  to  church  early  and  I  watched  the  All   Ireland  football  final   which is  equivilant  to  the  superbowl in  Ireland. It  was  exciting  and  finished  in  a tie  with a  rematch on  September 14th.

Monday was  final  prep  for  school. We  made  sure everything  was   laid  out  and   ready for  Tuesday .  We  are  making  sure  that clothes  are  picked  out  the  night  before so  there  is  no  delay in  the  morning!   Tuesday  was  a big  day  , Our daughter  started  7th (  can  that  be  right!)  grade , my  goodness!  Then  the  boys  started  in  4th  , 1st   and  our  baby in  pre school!  He  was  so  excited  to  join  the  13  others in  his  class and  it  has  been  going  good.  All the  kids  are  enjoying  being  back .

Shoutout : to  my  friend Mackenzie who  along  with  her  Husband  DJ  recently Moved  To  Austin  Texas  from  the  San  Francisco  area .

Please  rate out  of  10 this rose  print  cotton  gauze dress see here


Have a  beautiful  week  , Terri  xo.



8 thoughts on “Dress of the week September 7th

  1. How fun! We loved doing an escape room. It was really hard haha. Very much of a team effort to finally solve the mystery, I couldn’t have alone. Sounds like a very busy week! Good luck in school for the kids. Ahhh this dress is gorgeous! It is perfect for right now and into fall/winter.

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    1. Isn’t it so fun in an escape room Courtney !! It certainly was a hard one for us , as we did not complete it. We worked a s a team but needed another 30 mins we figured to escape. Thanks for the best wishes to the kids, they are all settling in ! I picked this cute dress as a nice fall dress . It can be worn into Winter but you would need to add tights and boots here with it in the winter! Thanks for visiting Dear, enjoy the week , Terri xo.


  2. What a fun Labor Day!!! I have always wanted to try an escape room! It sounded like a blast. And happy start to the school year for all the little ones 🤗❤️ I know it’s a busy time! Thank you for the shout out, Terri! Your posts always brighten my day -filled with great family and friend time 🙂


    1. You need to get together with two other couples as soon as possible and get to an escape room, you will love it Mackenzie!! Yes they are all in school now , our baby is in pre school !! You are welcome on the shoutout, I have not read that post yet but I highly recommended it to my blog friends as I know it is another great piece of writing by you! I am glad i can put a bit of light into your day Dear, thanks for visitng, Terri xo.

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      1. I love that idea!!! First step is to make friends with another couple- hehe. We have been so busy we don’t even have time to have date nights- I am just praying we will find time to find our crowd here (especially cause we need to do that escape room ASAP 🙂 )

        I hope the school year is going smoothly already! How do you juggle it all?!

        That means more than you know that you think so highly of my blog- I feel the same way with yours and recommend it to my fashionista friends! 💕

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      2. Aww if you can make time you will have new friends in no time , you are so sweet ! The year is going well , it is a juggle but we get through it week after week. One day it will be YOU !! Yes I think very highly of you and your blog and thanks fro the recommendations , I appreciate it , Terri xo.

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