Dress of the week August 31st

Good  morning  Ladies!  If  you  are  in  the  United  States you  will be  celebrating Labor  day  this  weekend !   We  are  staying  close  to  home , This  morning  we  have soccer  games  for  the  3  boys which  will  run  from  9am  to  12.30 pm. Then  this  evening  us  adults are going  on  a little  date  along  with  My  mother-in-law  and  father -in-law  to  an  escape  room ! I  have  never  done  this  but  I  am  looking  forward  to it.

Sunday  morning  is  the  All Ireland  football  final  which  is  the  equivilant of  the  super bowl.  I like  to  see  it  every  year.

We  are  keeping  the  rest of  Sunday  and  Monday  low  key in  preperation of  “Back to  School” !  On  Wednesday our  youngest  finished  in  daycare . After  4  kids and  12  years with  our  great  childminder  Lois  we  are  finished  going  there.  He  will  start  preschool on  Tuesday.

Also on  Wednesday the    3  boys  went  to  stay  at  their  grandparents house  for 2  nights!  I  drove  them halfway and  did  the  exchange .  It  was  really  weird when I  came  home  ,  we just  said  , it  is  soo  quiet !   They  came  back  last   night.

Shoutout :-  Check out  Courtney’s  breakfast room remodel and fall transition outfit !

Please  rate out  of  10 this  Faithfull Marta blue  motif rayon   midi  dress  in a  flattering    wrap  style.  It is a nice style  going  into  fall, see here

Have a  fabulous  weekend  my  Friends, Terri xo.


8 thoughts on “Dress of the week August 31st

  1. Hi Terri! We have Labour Day in Canada too, except we spell it the British way. 🙂 It marks the beginning of another school year and reminds us that summer holidays are over. Hope your children have a good year! Mine are grown with children of their own and I can hardly believe that my oldest grandson is already starting grade 8!

    The dress is another 10. I do love wrap dresses and will be showing a new one this month that my daughter sent me from her eco-boutique. Hope you like it.



    1. Hi Carmen, I messed up in not updating my post !I turned the calendar at the weekend after writing the post and seen that there were two Labour/labor days listed, and I thought, ” I have to update the post ” but I completely forgot ! The kids had a great start to the year, our Daughter started 7th grade and we also had the boys start 4th , 1st and our baby had his first day in pre k!!! it goes fast , as you know. Wow you have an 8th grade Grandchild already! Thank you for the dress rating and glad you like it. It is a pretty dress for any number of occasions. looking forward to seeing your new wrap dress from Jean ! Thanks for visiting Carmen , blessings to you too, Terri xo.

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  2. Happy Tuesday, Terri! I hope y’all had a great Labor Day and enjoyed the football game. I’ve been to an escape room once and it was so fun. This dress is amazing. I love it! Aww thanks for the shout out soooo sweet of you. ❤

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    1. Hi Courtney, we took it easy on Labor day , did some biking with the kids and get prepared for school Tuesday morning. The game was good, it ended in a tie , and they replay it on Saturday 14th! It was so much fun in the escape room, I will talk about it in next post. I am glad you liked it too. it is a pretty special dress, great for any formal event or for work. Glad you love it ! You are welcome for the shoutout, its a way to combine my followers . Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day my Friend, Terri xo.


  3. Hi, Terri. I hope your children have a great year in school with teachers they love. They grow up so fast, don’t they? *sigh* It really is much too fast. For me it was anyway. Did the soccer games go well yesterday? And was your adult ‘date’ fun? I love the color of this dress–such a pretty blue. I am on the look out for some fall dresses now. I purchased quite a few easy-to-wear dresses for the summer and lived in them practically every day. It was so easy to throw one on and I realized I felt more put together than wearing my baggy yoga pants. Dresses are magic! Ha ha! Enjoy the week ahead, Terri! ❤

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    1. Hi Cindy, thanks so much for the new year wishes for the kids! Aww they do grow so fast , and you had the one , your Daughter right? The soccer games were fun , especially for our 4 and 6 year olds. They are no pressure games. Our 9 year olds game is a little more competitive. Its good to se e them active in sports. Yes date night was fun!! We dont get away often as husband and wife but our Daughter is at the age where w e are starting her of f slowly into babysitting. I had never done a escape room but it was trying to get out of this Girls apartment who had committed crimes. You have to find clues , that finds keys out to next area ! We failed the 60 minute mission but I would recommend it highly if you have never done one. Yes I was drawn to this nice blue color too , and I liked the length. Have fun dress shopping, I have gone to goodwill and found some cute ones there before! A dress is so easy to throw on compared with a skirt and top where you need to coordinate both. I am not a fan of baggy yoga pants myself! Dresses are magic, just wear on there own add a cardigan or coat and you are good to go!! Thanks so much for visiting Dear , it is always nice to hear from you . Have a lovely labor day, Terri xo.


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