Dress of the week August 25th

Good  afternoon  Ladies,  I  usually  write on  Saturday  mornings but  was   so  busy  Yesterday!  On  Friday  we  got  a  new  washer  dryer  as the old  washer  finally  gave  up  a week  earlier. There  was  some  rearranging  to  do  to  get  the  old  out  and  the  new  ones  in.  We  did  get  it  all  hooked  up  though on  Friday  night  late , so  happy! We  also  were  able  to  fit  in a  bonfire  in  the  back  yard  pit along  with our  neighbor.   Saturday  at  9 am our  youngest  had  a  soccer  game , he  is  4  and  playing  in  the  5 and  under  group. He  is  the  tallest but is  still figuring  out  getting  the  ball  and  chasing  with  the other  kids!  At  10.15  our   6  year  old  played in  the  8u  , and  he  is  not  the  most  graceful  but  tries !  Then  at 11.30  was  the  turn of  our  9  yr  old to play. He  is  not  the  fastest  but   does  his  best.   so  we  had  3  and  a  half  hours of  it  and  then  it  was  time  for  lunch!  In  the  evening  we  went t o a  birthday  party  for  our  neighbor  Leora  who  turned  5  during  the  week.  It  was a  blast  for  everyone!

This  morning  after  Church  we  had  the  annual  picnic on  the  church  grounds. It  was  good  food  and    getting  together  with  people  you  don’t  always  get  to  chat  to.  There  was  some  amazing  desserts  for the  sweet tooths ( ok I  am  in  the  group!!)  There  were  games  also for  kids  of  all  ages.   Our  Daughter  is  at a  softball  game  currently so I  have  the  3  boys  and  2  of  their  friends.

It  is  one  more  week  off  school  for  the  kids  coming  up, then  back to  the  grind.

I  want  to  give  a  shout  out  to   two  big  events  this  week! Steph became a Mum/Mom  with  the  birth  of  her  cute  new  baby  boy  Bailey !!  He  is  adorable .   Equally  adorable  is Carmen’s new grandchild   a  baby  boy  also  born  during  the  week .  Congratulations   to  all !

Please  rate out of  10 this      georgette  dress  with  floral print  see here .


Have a  great  week  ahead, Terri  xo.



4 thoughts on “Dress of the week August 25th

  1. Thank you for the dress compliment Courtney! I like the color and floral print. It was nice spending time with people from church! I am glad to hear that I am not alone in being a your sweet tooth! Thanks so much for stopping by have a beautiful rest of your day, Terri xoxo


  2. This dress is gorgeous! Sounds like it was a busy weekend. I am glad you got to visit with your church friends. I have such a sweet tooth too.

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  3. Hi Terri! Thank you so much for the special shoutout for my new grandson!

    You certainly had a busy weekend, glad you got your new washer. I know what it’s like to be without one and have to go to a public laundromat. We are so blessed to have all these handy machines in our homes, I always say it’s like having servants. It sure makes life easier!

    Church picnics are a fun part of summer. Glad you’re enjoying good times before school starts.

    This dress is just peachy! 10 🙂



    1. You are so welcome, on the shout out Carmen! I wanted to share both yours and Steph’s baby news. I might introduce weekly shoutouts to link All My blogging Friends! Yes the weekend was so busy, and it was nice getting the new washer dryer they work so good! When I lived in New York for 8 years I used the laundromat or the apartment building wash area. It sure is like having servants, and I know I am blessed to have that feature in our home. The weather was perfect for the picnic, and the food and people also made is what it was. I’m glad you think the dress is peachy, good one! Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you are having a nice Thursday, Terri❤❤

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