Dress of the week August 10th

Good  morning  Ladies ! Welcome  from an  overcast  and  cloudy  Minnesota . The  weather  has  cooled  a  little  and  is  not  as  humid   which  I  like .   Last  weekend on  Saturday   we  pretty  much  stayed  home . Then  on  Sunday   afternoon  we  went  to  an  Irish  friends  house  for  an  evening  barbecue . Their  kid s are  older  than  ours  but  they  still  had  fun!  The  rest  of  the  week  was taken  up with a   lot  of  playdates  for the  kids  with  their  friends .

Last  night  our  friends  Jordan  and  Angie came  over  for   dinner  along  with  their  daughter  Kayleigh. She is  such a  sweet  girl (age 10) !  Their  older  daughter  Madison is  spending  the  summer with  her  Grandparents  who live  2  hours  away  so  we  missed  her.   We  ended  the  night  with  a fire  and  smores.

Back  to  school  mode is  still ongoing ,  the  kids  found  out  their  teachers  for  next  year  yesterday.  They  seem  very  happy   with  the  choices!

Today  we  are  taking  it  easy , and  then  tomorrow  we  are  hosting  the extended  family  for  an end of  summer ( yikes, end  of summer!!!)  get  together.


Please  rate  out  of  10  this  this  floral  print  flounce  hem  dress  in  beige/red.   See here


Have a  a   beautiful  weekend, what  are  you  doing  ?    Take  care  , Terri  xo.


13 thoughts on “Dress of the week August 10th

  1. We’ve also had lovely weather, not too humid. Glad you’re enjoying the summer! Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!

    This is a very pretty dress, I love the print and flounce hem–10! The wicker purse goes so well with it. I have a wicker purse in my new post, it was a gift from a dear friend of mine.



    1. I am glad your weather is nice also Carmen . The print and overall dress is so cute ! Thanks for the rating . I will look forward to your new post , how nice to get a gift of a wicker purse , you have friends full of love! I appreciate you stopping by, Happy Friday my Friend, Terri xo.

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    1. It is good to get a cool down Courtney ! It was a nice weekend with friends and family . It is a pretty dress, you will be glad to hear that it is from eshakti ! Thanks for visiting, have a great day, Terri xo.


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