Dress of the week July 20th

Good  morning  Ladies!!  What  are  you  doing  this  weekend ?   We  have a  softball  tournament  going  on  since  Thursday, the  last  one  of  the  summer  season called  nationals .  The  Girls qualified for  this  great event  after  earlier wins throughout  the  year. It  started  on  Thursday  morning  with  a  game  ,  they  lost ,  and  then  won  their second  Thursday  afternoon . Then  in  the  evening  there  was  a  parade  where  all  the  teams  dress up !

Our  team  are  the  tigers  and  the  girls  picked  out  these  full  body  tiger  costumes from  the  3  photos  above. The only  this  is  it  was  95 degrees  with a  humidity  feel  of  105!!   They  persevered   and  got  through  it  drinking  lots  of  water. I  felt  bad  for  the  guy  in  the  tiger  head . There  were  many  cute  teams  ,  I  wish  I  had  taken  more  photos .    We  played  two  games  Friday  won  one    and  lost  one.   We   have  our  next  at  9:30  this  morning , phew!!

It  has  been a   warm few  days  as  said  earlier,  today  is  supposed  to  cool  a  bit.

The  rest  of  the  week  was  quite  normal ! I  have  to  get  going  soon!

Please  rate  out  of  10  this  Sophie  Lavender button  up  midi  dress.   It  has  a pleated  bodice  with  ruffle  trim  details  ,  see here  .

Have a  great  weekend    and  week  ahead  ,  Terri  xo. lav

7 thoughts on “Dress of the week July 20th

  1. Aw I love seeing these photos. That would be so hot to wear, but glad they stayed hydrated. I am in love with this dress of the week, Terri. SO lovely. I love your style.

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    1. It happened to be the hottest day of the year on the parade day, should have expected it would happen , right?! Aww I am glad you like the dress Courtney ! It is on clearance too, to buy or not to buy? Thanks for the compliment and for visiting, Happy Monday, Terri xo.


  2. I agree with Carmen. 🙂 The dress is very sweet and would be great for a summer afternoon. Glad for the girls! Sounds ike a very full and lovely weekend 🙂 hugs, me.

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    1. Aww thank you so much Kate! It would be nice for wandering around on a summer afternoon, going to dinner with the girls. It was a busy weekend ,they went out of the tournament on Saturday evening but it was a fun 3 days! Thanks for visiting Dear, Terri xo.


  3. Hi Terri! You certainly keep busy with all the sports activities. They must have been melting in those costumes!
    The lavender dress would have been perfect for our day trip to a lavender garden! It looks so cool! 10

    Hugs! Have a lovely weekend!

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    1. Yes Carmen, the sports do keep us busy! The costumes were hot but they were troopers. I did see a sneak peek of your post on the lavender garden , and I thought it was a really cute dress for summer too. Thanks for your rating and visiting , enjoy the rest of the weekend Dear , Terri xo.

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