Dress of the week July 13th

Good  morning  Ladies! Welcome  to a   sunny  Minnesota  with  temps   getting  into  the  90s or  32-34 celsius for  next week, phew! I  like  some  sun  but  that  is  getting  a  little  hot  for  this  Irish body! We  will  stay  cool . It  was  a  nice  long  weekend  with  the 4th  of  July  on  Thursday. Saturday  and  Sunday  were  spent  pretty  much   at  home.

The monday-Friday  was  pretty  much  routine ,  the  kids  did  a lot  of  swimming  and  had  their  summer  activities .  Yesterday  was   a    great  day  for  Liam  when  he  finally  mastered  riding  his  bike ! He  was  practicing  for  so long  and  then got  it!  So   excited  for  him .


We  have    softball  this  weekend , it is  the  state  tournament  .  We  will  see  how  our  girls will  do!!

Please  rate  out  of  10  this tropical  floral  print georgette high-low  dress see here

Have a  beautiful  weekend,  Terri xo.

e shak

6 thoughts on “Dress of the week July 13th

  1. Congrats to Liam for being able to check ‘bike riding’ off his list of things to learn. I am sure he is getting better and better at it quickly too. I remember, and still have the scarred knees, hitting the curb and falling into the road gravel. ugh! That hurt! I’m sure Liam is less klutzy than I was though–most people are. (ha ha) That dress is very pretty. I love wearing blue. Hugs to you! ❤

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    1. Thanks for the congrats Cindy! Liam has checked it off his list , well Liam has had a few falls, he has come in twice now after coming off the bike, he is a typical boy and is going a little too fast too soon , we have told him to cycle slower until he fully is used to it . But it is a learning experience. Sorry about your scarred knees ! The dress caught my eye alright, blue is a nice color. It has been so hot the last few days . Today is going to be 90-95 with heat indexes in the 100-110f range , phew! Thanks so much for visiting Dear, have a nice weekend, Terri xo.


    1. I was looking for a paragraph divider I figured I would put up some daisies! I liked them and I knew that you did too! You are right this is a great dancing dress, thank you for visiting and rating I appreciate your comments always Carmen, Terri xo.

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