Dress of the week June 1st

Good  morning  Ladies!! I  was  starting  to  key  in  May  in  the  title  and  realized , oh  no  it  is  June  now!!  May  went  by  so  fast.   The  kids  finish  school on Tuesday  for  elementary  and  Thursday  for  Middle  school. They  are  all  ready  for   summer  vacation.

We  had  a  low  key  weekend for  memorial  day , staying  home  and  having  a fire  at  night  in  our  pit.   The  smores  were  a  hit  with  everyone! Memorial  day  rained  all  day so  we  were  confined  indoors.

Today  we  have  a  softball  tournament  in  town  that  our  Daughter  is  playing  in.  I  have  to  volunteer  time  working  in  concessions! I  have  not  done  this  before  so  we  will  see, I  hope  it  goes  good!!

Please  rate  out  of  10  this ruffle  frill floral print sundress see here 

It  is  a rayon fabric with a  princess  bodice .   Have a  lovely  weekend, Terri  xo.




15 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 1st

  1. I cannot believe it’s June already!! Schoools *almost* out for the summer!!

    Your memorial day sounded so lovely despite the rain- s’mores are sure to make the day worth it!

    Hope the tournament and working in concessions went well 🙂 Have a beautiful week, Terri!

    And oh wow this dress is so beautiful. I am going to wine country next weekend and this would be perfect there! I am trying not to buy new clothes with the move, but oh my is it tempting!

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    1. Oh no I hit send earlier on accident replying to June! Our two older boys finish tomorrow in elementary, and our daughter finishes 6th grade Thursday. We had lots of smores, a great reason to have a firepit! Concessions went well I didn’t work the money changing or totaling , I did prep and grabbing drinks to keep the line moving. Isn’t it a pretty dress!! I am sure the dress will be available after the move . You can bookmark it !! Wine country will be fun( again !) for you. I am playing catch up on your posts again!! Thanks for stopping by Dear, Terri xo.

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  2. This dress is gorgeous, Terri! I need it. OMG, how is it already June? This is flying by. I am glad you had a nice and laid back Memorial Day weekend.

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    1. Thanks on my dress pick Jessica! It was fun at the concession stand, We worked as a team, One lady was on the till (glad it was not me !) She was very good at it, another was working on burgers and hot dogs and I was providing drinks and getting hot dog and burger buns ready. Thanks for visiting , have a nice night and rest of the weekend, Terri xo.


  3. Hi, Terri. Love this dress, but then I am partial to pink. I just purchased four summer dresses! and one of them has a ruffle at the hemline like this one. I found it very flattering and ended up purchasing the dress.
    Welcome June and good riddance to May, a month that only gave us two 100% sunny days, we broke a record.
    I hope you have a sunny weekend. ❤

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    1. Thank you Cindy!! It is a cute dress, I was drawn a lot to the ruffle hem but also the color (of course!) How exciting to purchase four summer dresses ! I am sure they are all cute knowing how you dress your Girls. Yes it was a strange May here also, a lot of rain and sun was at a minimum. It has been sunny yesterday and today also , hoping for more tomorrow. Thanks for visiting Cindy, I appreciate it , Terri xo.


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