Trip to Kansas City part 2!

Hello  all , we  went  to  Kansas  City  from  March 22nd  through  March  26th during  the  kids  Spring  break .  I  incorporated  part 1 into my  dress  of  the  week post  here

We  stayed  at  the  beautiful  Homewood  suites  by  Hilton  close  to  the  Kansas   speedway. It  is  in  the  area  called  Village  west.

We  found  an  authentic Kansas city  Restaurant  the first  evening  called  Q39  in  Overland  Park.  It  did  not  dissapoint  !  The  kids  went  swimming  in  the  hotel  pool after  returning  from  eating. On the  morning of  Sunday  March  24th  I  found  a  local  church  to  attend . Then  after  eating  we  went  to  Chicken  n pickle  in  North  Kansas  City  where  we  played whiffleball  which  is  similar  to  tennis. We  did  our  best  but will  need  to  take  lessons!   In  the  afternoon  we  went to  union  station

It  is  a  beautiful old  building , Look  at  the  ceiling!   Inside  is science  city a fun  place  for  kids  of  all  ages!

We  didn’t  participate in  the  life  sized  chess  or  checkers!  We  arrived  back  in  the  evening  to  Village  west  and went  to  a local  restaurant. Then  we  took a stroll  around legends outlet

It was  more  window  shopping  than  shopping  but  it  was  still  nice!

The  pool  got  used  again  that  night  before  bed  and  we  were  all  tired and  ready  for  sleep!

On  Monday  the  25th  March  after  breakfast   (  the  hotel  lays  on a  fabulous  Breakfast!)   we  went  to  the money museum   of  the  federal  reserve  bank of  Kansas  City. this  was  a  fun visit and  entry is  free.

The  money  wall  which  is  about  5  feet  tall is  $40 million  dollars long  I  captured  $20  million  worth. When  we  were  leaving  we each   got  to  take  a  shredded  bag of  money  worth  about  $165! That  is  it  for  part  2 . I  will conclude  with  part  3 soon, Terri xo.

9 thoughts on “Trip to Kansas City part 2!

  1. Kansas reminds me of Dorothy! 🙂

    What a fun family trip! You made some great family memories! Thanks for sharing your adventure in Kansas City, lovely photos and the money museum sounds interesting. Not only was it FREE to get in, but they also gave you free shredded money–WOW!! 🙂 I haven’t heard of Wiffle Ball so I looked it up and it looks similar to Baseball (the ball won’t break any windows so it’s great for playing in the backyard). 🙂 We actually had a plastic ball and bat when the kids were young.


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    1. Yes it was fun Carmen!! Dorothy is featured in part 3 (stay tuned !) The money museum is worth seeing . Free and a bag of shredded money is hard to beat! A plastic ball is great for preserving the windows. Thanks for the link and visiting today , Terri xo.

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  2. The Homewood Suites is one beautiful hotel! I haven’t played wiffleball in ages!! I bet the kids were having a great time.

    Union station is gorgeous! I love the ceiling too!

    The money museum is so fascinating- I didn’t even know that existed!! I have so loved reading about this trip. Can’t wait for part three!

    Thanks for sharing, Terri 🙂 I bet the kids just loved every second- a great family memory for sure.

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    1. Yes it is beautiful Mackenzie ! A little secret is .. they have happy hour from 5-7 Monday thru Thursday with beer wine and Hors d’oeuvres !!! We were only there for the last half hour on the Monday but it was so good , all complimentary ! They did enjoy wiffleball!! That ceiling is amazing. I am glad you are enjoying reading about our trip, It is a memory they will remember!! Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


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