Dress of the week May 18th

Good  morning  Ladies   and  welcome  to  a  wet  and  thundery  Minnesota! We are due  to  have   3 or  4  days  of  rain  coming up which  will  be  good  for  growth.  Our  daughters  softball  tournament  was  cancelled  this   weekend  due  to the  weather. It  will be  a  time  to  spend  indoors  I  think!!

Last  weekend  we  celebrated  Mothers  day  with  Church  first  and  a  relaxing  day  with the  kids and  some  little  gifts. They  bought  some  trays  of  pretty  planting  flowers that  still  have  to  be  planted, oops  !  Then  we  went  to  a restaurant  that  was  on  the  bucket  list  for  a while that we  have  wanted  to  visit  since  before  the  kids  were  born!  It  did  not  dissapoint and  had  a  nice  selection for  all  taste  buds!  I  hope  you  had  a nice  day   if  you  celebrated  last  Sunday  also.


Please  rate out  of  10 this  bretta  pink  cherries print  tea  dress  from  Lindy  bop  USA see  here  It  is  a  chiffon  material  that is  fully  lined  with a  matching  self  tie fabric  belt.  Have a  lovely  weekend  my lovelies , Terri  xoxo.bretta-pink-cherries7934


12 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 18th

  1. very cute dress! We’ve had our share of rain too. Tis the season! Hopefully you get some sun so you can go out and plant those plants. Have a great day, Friend! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Thanks Jessica, nice of you to stop by! I am sure where you live there is lots of rain. It was sunny yesterday then it rained heavy in the evening and into the night. Plants might get in the ground this weekend !! Have a lovely Wednesday Dear, Terri xoxo.


  2. Hope you all aren’t getting too stir crazy indoors 🙂 It has been raining here too, but I’ve appreciated it with the massive amount of school work this week- I don’t have time to be outside even if I wanted to be! Are they rescheduling the softball tournament for your daughter?

    Sounds like the most wonderful Mother’s Day! So fun you got to knock off a bucket list restaurant ! What did you order?

    I love this dress! The cherries are toooo cute! Thank you for sharing, Terri! ❤


    1. It rained early Saturday and early Sunday d, then it was dry but no sun. Yesterday was a nice sunny day. For you it is a good thing to have rain, i know it will green things up and it forces you to study ! The tournament wont be rescheduled as the rest of the year is already planned out. It was a nice time on Mothers day! I had a spicy chicken sandwich which was so good. The dress is cute and the cherries are an added bonus! Thank you for visiting Mackenzie, Terri xo.

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      1. Ohhhh spicy chicken is the best kind ! When I did eat meat the Chic Fil A spicy chicken was my favorite 😋 although I’m sure where you went it was a little bit nicer than that 😉 have a great rest of the week!

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  3. Hi, Terri. Very pretty dress–kind of looks a little 1930s-ish to me. Love the dresses and shoes from that era.
    We actually had a very nice weekend even though each morning started out looking like it wouldn’t be a good day. Today, though, it is quite chilly and cloudy *sigh*. I hope you get some sunshine and warmth soon.
    Have a great week, Terri! ❤

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    1. Thank you for visiting Cindy and the dress compliments ! It is from Lindy bop USA which has many pretty vintage inspired dresses. I love the older fashion !! Im guessing you are right about the 1930s but it does not say on the website. The shoes were cute then too. It was wet early on Saturday and Sunday then dried up but was cloudy. Yesterday was beautiful. Later this week it is supposed to be nice, I think !! Enjoy your week also Terri xo.


  4. Happy Sunday Terri! Rainy days are good for growth but not for sports, picnics or parades! Days like those, we can be thankful we have a roof over our heads and stay indoors. 🙂

    This dress is darling, I love cherry print and actually ordered a dress from Jean’s store with cherries on a black background!



    1. We will get some good growth now! It has rained the last two days and we have a frost advisory tonight into tomorrow morning! We have to give thanks for sure! I am glad you like the dress , I really like too. I am sure the dress you ordered from Jean’s is very pretty. Thanks for visiting Carmen , Terri xoxo.

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