Dress of the week May 4th

Good  morning  Ladies  and  welcome  to  May! I  am  so  excited  ,  the  flowers  will  be  starting  to bloom  soon,  right  now  the  stems  are  at  3 inches .  May started  off   with  my  Sisters  wedding  anniversary  on  May  1st (10  years)  and  her  Birthday  on  May 2nd!  What a  great  start  to  May  for  her  and  also  it  is  a  holiday on Monday in  Ireland!


We  had  a  nice  quiet  weekend  gone  by  ,  we  got  outdoors which  is  good. It  has  taken  longer  than  I  wanted  for  Spring  to  get  here.  I  got  some  sad  news during the  week,  the  Priest (pastor )  that  baptized me  all  those  years  ago  and  also officiated  as  the  celebrant  at  our  wedding  15  years  ago  passed  away. He  was  a lovely  man and  so positive always. May  he  rest  in  the  peace  of  God’s  love.

Today  we  have  softball for  our  daughter , there  are  games  at  11am ,  3pm  and  6pm!  It  is  only  20  miles  away which  is  good.

This  week  I  am  excited  to bring  eshakti clothing  to  you!  ( I am  not affiliated  with  this  company in  any  way)  I  found  them  through  my  blogging  friend  Olya’s  post.


Olya’s eShakti dress.

She  bought  this gorgeous dress from  them. You can  buy  a  dress  as  is  on  site,shown  sleeveless below  or if  you  want  to  customise  it  by  skirtlength, sleeve  length  and  neckline shape you just  pay  $10  more.  So  many  options!Please  rate  out  of  10 either  of  the  two  variations  of the  dress    shown!  scroll  to  bottom  of   their website page  to  customize  and  have  fun  with   the  dresses! See here

Have  a beautiful  weekend,  Terri xo.







17 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 4th

  1. Happy wedding anniversary and birthday to your sister!!! May is my sister’s month too 🙂

    So sorry about your Pastor ❤ Always sad news even though He is truly resting in God’s presence.

    Hope the softball games went well- so many of them- what a busy day!

    The dress you shared from Olya is so chic & classic! Thank you for sharing!

    What a beautiful spring dress- I love the subtle floral and the way they paired it with those heels too!



    1. Yes , my Sister has a lot going on in early May Mackenzie!! Happy birthday to your sister also. Thanks for the condolences on my pastors passing, he was a great man, but is with God now. It was busy and they did pretty good but improvement is needed, they have time! It is a chic dress that Olya is modelling! It is a nice taste of Spring this dress, and yes the heels are pretty, a cute over the shoulder bag will complete it and be ready for a day out! You will have to go to the eshakti site and play around at customizing the dresses! Thanks for visiting Dear, Terri xo.

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  2. Hey Terri! Happy Monday. Congrats to your sister, 10 years is amazing. So sorry to hear about your priest, so sad. Those dresses are GORGEOUS. I actually just discovered Eshakti and will be sharing a dress by them next week. They are amazing. A new brand I love. The prices are reasonable too, which is a big thing for me.

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    1. Hi Courtney, happy Tuesday! It has been a fast 10 years since she and her husband married, they have a near 7 year old Girl and almost 5 year old boy. It was a shock to hear of my priest friend passing , he had a great sense of humor that endeared others to him. I am glad you like the dresses! Isn’t it nice the variation between the two? Looking forward to your eshakti post ! Reasonable is a major plus for Me too. Thanks for visiting, take care Dear, Terri xo.


  3. Oh my! This pretty dress was made for me! I love daisies!! The only thing I would change is that I would like it with yellow centres on the daisies. It gets a 10+ 💛 It’s fantastic that it can be customized (sleeves, skirt-length and neckline for $10 more).

    Buds are starting to come out and spring will finally fling! What holiday is it in Ireland? Happy birthday/anniversary to your sister. Sorry to hear about the death of the Pastor; our hope is in God who gives us eternal life through Jesus Christ our Saviour. He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE!


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    1. It sure was made for you Carmen. Daisies are so pretty and It would be nicer with the yellow centres. Thanks for the 10+ ! I am sure if you check out the site you might find another daisy dress and then scroll to bottom to have fun customising. I am glad spring is starting for you too, it took a while for both of us! It is mayday holiday, they get the first Monday in May off every year. So nice of you to send on the birthday/anniversary wishes! Thanks for the condolences on my pastor friend, our hope is in God through Jesus, Amen! Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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