Dress of the week April 27th

Good morning  one  and  all!  We  are  creeping  towards  the  end  of  April, it  has  gone  so   fast! We   are  seeing  spring  growth ,  the  flower shoots are  starting  to peek  up  through  the  ground ,  the  grass  is growing   and  leaves  are  starting  to  appear  on  the  trees, I love  it!!




After  going  to  church  in  the  morning  to  celebrate  the  ressurection  of  Jesus , We hosted  Easter  dinner.   There  were  4  generations  of  18  people   and  our  neighbor   a  came  over  a  little  later  to  join  the  party. The  Great  Grandma  is  having  breathing  issues  and  has  to  now  bring  an oxygen  machine  but  it  was  great  seeing  her.  There  was  a fun  egg  hunt  with  clues to  find  and  at  the end  the  kids  got  a  $10  gift  card ! How  was  your  Easter?

Please  rate out  of  10  this Ivory   and  coral floral  scoop  neck midi  dress  from  Zulily . It  is  a classic  fit  and  flare  design  with a  very  feminine  look.   You  can  get  it  in  10 other  colors  , see here

Wishing  you  all  a beautiful  weekend, it  will  be  May  when  I  do  my  next  post!  Hugs , Terri xo.



11 thoughts on “Dress of the week April 27th

  1. Hi, Terri. What a lively Easter you had filled with lots of family and friends. Great memories made I am sure. We will be having lots of April showers this week to aid in the flower and tree blossoming around here. Very pretty dress, an 8.

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    1. It was a nice Easter Sunday Cindy. Lots of memories made too. We are having rain today and tomorrow , it will help the flowers to make their appearance! Thanks for the dres s rating, it is pretty for sure. Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


  2. How amazing that there were 4 generations!!!

    And sweet to set up that Easter egg hunt. Sounds like the best type of Easter with great family time!

    Beautiful dress as always! I am on a hunt for a bridal shower dress right now for next weekend- this is giving me major inspo!!


    1. Yes Mackenzie it was nice having the four generations, it will be good for the kids to have memories in years to come. I did not have any great-grandparents alive when I was growing up and even one of my grandfathers passed away 3 years before I was born. This dress is very nice, I am guessing your sister’s bridal shower is coming up? You can always look back on my past posts if you need some inspiration I have links to all of the dresses! Best wishes on your dress hunting, Terri xoxo.

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      1. Yes! It is this weekend 🙂 Thank you so much! I wish I hadn’t waited so last minute- but I did find one on Lulus!! I know you post those dresses a lot and they are always so gorgeous!


      2. That will be so fun for you having your sister’s bridal shower Mackenzie! I’m glad you found one on Lulu’s there is a lot of cute stuff there! Wishing you lots of fun and memories this weekend Terri xoxo.

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  3. I’m glad you had a lovely Easter! We don’t have any blossoms or flowers yet, only 4°C today.

    This dress is pretty but not quite as pretty as the last one so I’ll give it a 9.



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