Dress of the week April 13th

Good  morning  Ladies !    I  hope  your  weekend  is  off  to  a  nice  start.  Last  weekend  we  spent  time  outside as  it  was  really  nice.  We  cleaned  up our  yard  of  kids  toys  that  had  scattered . Also we  set  up  our  trampoline for  the  kids which is  a  big  hit. It  is  enclosed   so   they  cannot  fall  off  it.   The    school week   started  off  good   ,  kids  went  as  normal  until at  midday Wednesday  we  had s**w again!  It  was  forecast  and  it  snowed  so  much  that  school  was  cancelled on  Thursday.  It  kept  falling  on  and  off into  Friday midday. We  got  over  8  inches  total! A  late  storm  that  hopefully  will be  it for  the  year!!

tumblr_ppdqtwzKBx1sbqfz9o1_1280 (1).jpg

We  are  entertaining  this  weekend .  A  friend  from  Fargo  and  her  two  boys  aged  7  and  5  are  here (  her  husband  stayed  home  to  do  projects!)  until  Sunday.  They  left  Fargo  at  5pm Friday  and  got  here  at  10pm. We  will  have  a  fun  day ,  going  to  a waterpark (indoor  of  course!)  and  whatever  else  we  get  up  to. They  leave  Sunday  morning.  Tomorrow  is  Palm  Sunday where Jesus  make s his  way  to  Jerusalem  on   a  Donkey  and  just  days  later  is  crucified to  fulfill his  mission on  Earth.


Please  rate  out  of  10  this  Dana  Buchman  shirred waist  midi  dress from  Kohl’s . See  here  .  Have  a lovely  weekend,  Terri  xoxo.

kohls dana


13 thoughts on “Dress of the week April 13th

    1. Hi Jessica, the snow is gone apart from some piles. The weekend is looking good , we having rain these days. The dress is cute alright! Looking forward to Easter, Have a very blessed one also Dear, Terri xoxo.


  1. Hi Terri! I’m so behind in commenting on blogs. So much “real life” to deal with. It’s much safer to have trampolines enclosed.

    Reminds me of a special Palm Sunday event we had which was so meaningful: we had a procession with palm branches, my husband played Jesus and walked up the aisle with a donkey, followed by a play (which I wrote and directed) and afterwards we had interesting activities (in the gym) for the children and adults to do, all relating to Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Resurrection Day.

    Happy Easter! 🙏


  2. Trampolines were my FAVORITE when I was younger!!! I bet your kids are loving it— er— will love it considering the recent s**w!! hehe… that gave me a chuckle—but really hope it leaves soon. That weather is out of control!

    Hope all goes well with your guests in town 🙂

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    1. Hi Mackenzie trampolines were not common when I was growing up. They are important these days to get the kids away from Electronics. Yes they did get to enjoy it a week ago for one day and then last Wednesday through Friday the s**w came in! It is still on the ground but will melt in the next 2 days. I’m glad you got a chuckle out of it 😂 our guests left yesterday morning they had to be back for work / School. Thank you so much for visiting! P.s. did you get to vote on your mother-in-law’s dress on wear this one?

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      1. Oh that’s such a great point!!!

        Hope it’s all just about melted now 🙂

        Ohhh I see! Glad they made it home safe and sound.

        And I didn’t ! I have to go check- thank you for letting me know : ) Have a great rest of the week, Terri !


      2. The snow is all just about melted Mackenzie! They did get home safe. Haha I was going down my list of favorite websites and seen wear this one , I had not visited in a while . Laura has put up 4 new dresses to vote on from tx Maxx ! Have a great night, Terri xo.

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  3. Hi Cindy! The snow is melting today, the sun is shining Thanks for the dress compliment! We had fun with our friend and her boys. Us adults got some drinks together after the bedtimes. Today is Palm Sunday and Holy week will go fast. Thanks for visiting, Terri xoxo.


  4. Hi, Terri. Sorry about all the snow… again. We are getting some inches tomorrow, but will melt quickly. Very pretty dress! I hope you have a sun-filled and warm week. Enjoy the weekend visiting with your friends. It’s hard to believe Lent is just about over with Easter a mere week away–went so fast.

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