Dress of the Week April 6th

Good  morning  Ladies !  After  having  Spring  break   and  our  trip  to  Kansas  City   It  was  back  to  reality  on  Monday!    We  had  a  quiet  weekend and  pretty  much  stayed  home  apart  from  Church  and running  to  the  store. On  Monday  evening   our  car(  we  also  have  a pick up   truck)   broke  down  and  had  to  be  towed  to  the  garage! It  is  the  transmission  that  needs  to  be  rebuilt costing  $5000!  Luckily  it is  covered  under  warranty!  Some  April  fools  joke our  car  pulled!  The  rest  of  the  week went  by uneventfully  .  Our  daughter  started  indoor  practice  for  softball and another  summer  of  fun!


Please  rate  out  of  10 this  Apt.9 medallion  lace   fit  and  flare  dress from  Kohl’s. It  is  pictured  in  modern  white  but  also  comes in  navy  and  paisley, port, dexter  blue navy  floral  and  raspberry  cake!  I  first  seen  it  on  the  cover  of  the  Kohl’s  catalogue  that  arrived in  the  mail! It  can  be  purchased  for  $8 off  using  their  code .  See  dress here  Have  a beautiful  weekend  ,  Spring  is  showing  signs  of  growth  here Thank  God!  Hugs to you all,  Terri  xo

Capture kls


14 thoughts on “Dress of the Week April 6th

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m sooo sorry about your truck  What a bummer- but also sooo glad it’s covered under warranty!!! I can’t help but giggle at you saying “some april fools joke our car pulled”- no kidding!

    Hope your daughter is enjoying the softball. That was one of my favorite sports growing up  Thanks for sharing this stunning spring dress!


    1. Hi Mackenzie , it was the car that had the trouble a 2015 Dodge caravan that holds the whole family. The truck is from 2005 and has no trouble! I am glad you got a good giggle from that one!! Yes , it is early stages yet for softball, I am glad you liked it, there is a good bonding among the Girls. I am glad you like the dress, It was on the cover of the Kohl’s catty and caught my eye , fit and flare dresses are very cute. Thanks for visiting Dear, Terri xo.

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      1. Ohhhh oh I see- I misread a touch 😉

        That makes all the difference that the girls get along!

        It is soo cute! I love Kohl’s. We don’t have one super close to us, so I don’t shop there often. When I do though- I always see cute clothes! xo

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      2. Yes it is good that they get along but you know how It can be when they start to get a little older 12-13! Maybe you will have a Kohl’s close by when you move to Austin! I have one about 10 miles away so it’s pretty close. Terri xo.

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  2. Hello, Terri. What an April’s Fool you had! Luckily, though, the repair was covered, so not all bad luck. I hope your car is as good as new now. Beautiful dress! I will look into your suggestions for finding casual summer dresses. Thank you!
    Wishing you a great week, Terri!


    1. Yes , we were lucky to have it covered Cindy. It is still being repaired and have a loaner car. Thanks for the dress compliments. It is pretty and looks good in all the other colors too. I hope I helped out. Also I have gone to Burlington or goodwill for really nice dresses too. Enjoy your week ahead also Dear, thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


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