Dress of the week February 16th

Good  morning  Ladies! I  hope  you  had  a  nice  week up  to  now .  How  was  your  Valentines  day? Do  you  like  to  celebrate  it? Ours  was  a  whole  family  Valentines  day with work  and  school then When  the  kids  got  home  they  brought  their  little gifts  from  their  classmates. This  can  get  quite  messy  with  packaging and  candy  everywhere  but  we  got  through it and had  a nice  family dinner . We  did  pick  up  a  bottle of  wine  so  we  could  have  some  after  the  kids  went  to  bed but  it  got  too  late  when  they  all  got  settled,  so  maybe  tonight !


Sending  you  all  some  virtual  Roses !!

We  have  a quiet  weekend  planned  as  it  is  staying  cold    and  we  have  more  snow  promised . What  are  your  plans this  weekend?

Please  rate  out  of  10 this mustard yellow  floral  print  dress  from lulu’s see here

It  has  a high  neckline  and  is  a lightweight fabric . See  waht  you  think of  it.  Have a  lovely  week  ahead  , Terri  xo. 3698920_751322


6 thoughts on “Dress of the week February 16th

    1. You are welcome for the roses Jessica, !! I am done with winter and Valentines dresses and moving towards spring, at least on my blog , not where I live yet. How is your weather, Did you get any of the snow that was in WA state? Thanks so much for visiting Dear, take care Terri xo.


    1. It was a nice Valentines day’evening Mackenzie! We had a glass of the wine last night while watching tv. I do like the dress also, I wasn’t sure if people would like the high neckline but you do! Thanks for visiting, I am so behind on your blog, will catch up, hugs, Terri xo.

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  1. Hi Terri! Thanks so much for the roses, I can almost smell them! I think of February as Valentine’s month. Love is always in style! Glad you enjoyed the day. Hope you got to drink some wine. I remember what it’s like getting kids to bed. I bought a few nice heart and love items while in Seattle. I love decorating for Valentine’s. We had a Ceili dance last night where I teach/lead and call the dances (It was casual so I wore my heart sweater). Tonight I’ll be going to a Ballroom Valentine’s dance and I’ll be wearing my red dress that I wore at Christmas.

    The dress is very pretty, you always choose such feminine styles! Yellow is a sunshiny colour and ready for spring! Can’t wait! 9 and that’s almost a 10. 😉

    Happy Valentine’s weekend!


    1. Aww they smell good, take it from me Carmen! February is a month to love all mankind I think along with a persons significant other. The ceili sounds so fun , I am sure your heart sweater was a hit! I love that red dress on you!! I am guilty as charged of finding the feminine styles! I am in spring mode even though it is not close yet for you or I . Got to look forward right. I like the print and cut, I just don’t know about the very high neckline. Mackenzie did like that feature though! Thanks for visiting, Happy Monday, Terri xo.

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