Dress of the week February 2nd.

Good  morning  Ladies! Happy  Groundhog  day   to  you. My  prediction  is  there  will  be  6  more  weeks  of  winter. There  always  is in  Minnesota!  We  just  came  through  the  coldest  week  I  have  experienced  since  moving  here!  On  Monday we  had  5 to 6 inches  of  snow  and  the  schools called  Sunday  night to  cancel school. Also  because  of  the  polar  vortex they  were  off Tuesday,  Wednesday  and  Thursday  giving  them  a  6 day  weekend.  They did  have  to  do  some  assignments that  were e-mailed to  us . It  was  just  too  cold  to go  to  school. We  had  two  days  in  a  row of  minus  27 f (minus  32c)   and  windchills  of  -54f (-47c)  I  hope  it will  not  get  that  cold  again  this  winter. 

We  are  having  a  quiet  weekend , tomorrow is  the  superbowl  in  Atlanta  with  New  England  taking  on  the   Los  Angels rams. Are  you  going  to   watch? 

Please  rate  out  of  10  this  round  neck  long  sleeve  midi lace   dress  see here, thinking  Valentines  day  !  Have  a  lovely  weekend , best  wishes,

Terri xo.


15 thoughts on “Dress of the week February 2nd.

    1. I really like this dress also Courtney! Isn’t the lace detail so pretty? It comes in at a great price of $27 but I have never bought from this site before. Thank you for visiting take care , Terri xo.


  1. Hi, Terri! Oh my goodness I cannot believe how chilly it is there. Hope you all are staying warm ❤ What did the groundhog end up saying?!? I don't even know haha. This dress is perfection.. 10/10 all the way!

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    1. It warmed up but is chilly again minus 11 this Morning Mackenzie! I don’t even know what the groundhog said, but there is way more than 6 more weeks of winter in Minnesota! Have you been to Punxatawney ? How far away is it from you when you go “home” ? Thanks for the dress rating, glad you like it Dear, happy Friday, hugs, Terri xo.

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      1. Hehe- I guess that’s true despite whatever Punxsutawney Phil says! I have not been- I think it’s about three hours away from where I used to live! Hope you had a wonderful weekend


      2. Yes it is true Mackenzie! # hours is not too far from Punxsutawney, as long as you don’t do it all in one day! The weekend was nice We had date night friday, visited Grandparents -in-law Saturday , Coordinated coffee and donuts on Sunday at Church , and got a little relax time yesterday. I hope yours was nice, have a good week ahead, Terri xo.


  2. I’m sooooo glad we escaped those bitter cold days! I used to love blizzards when I was young and we got to stay home from school. One more week and we’ll be home, sure will miss Seattle but I’ll be glad to see my sons and grandchildren again.

    This red dress is perfect for Valentine’s, I love the sweetheart style and lace! Nothing less than a 10. 🙂

    Have a wonderful week and hope things warm up soon!


    1. I am glad you missed that cold blast too Carmen! Aww you will miss the time with your Daughter but i imagine your sons and Grandkids miss you. I figured it was a unique dress to feature and does have the cute lace detail. Thanks for the rating! Things have started warming up already, above freezing even this weekend! Enjoy the week ahead Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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      1. The temperature has dropped in Seattle and it started snowing after we got home from our island adventure. Now it’s warming up back home too. Good timing to be going home again. 🙂

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