Dress of the week January 12th

Good  morning  Ladies!  I  am  awake  extra  early  for  a  Saturday ,  our  daughter  attended  chillfest  with her   church  class last  night . They  left  our   Church  at   7.30 pm   and  went  to  a  high  school 30  miles  away  that  is  christian   and  had  mass (service) . There  was  also  a  chance  to  go  to  the  adoration  chapel  to  spend  time  with  God .  Also   there  was  swimming,  skating, inflatable  obstacle  course,  nine  square  in  the  air (dont  ask!)   lasertag, dodgeball , escape  room,  photo  booth  and  karaoke!    It  went  all  night  and  they  arrived  back  at  6am this  morning .  I picked  her  up  and  the  excitement  was  drained  out  of  her because  they  are  tired, but  sais  she  would  do  it  again,  she  has  the  opportunity  to  go  for  2  more  years.  She  is  sleeping  now!

We  are  planning  on  taking  down  the  Christmas  decorations  this  weekend, the  tree  looks  so  pretty  still,   I   don’t  want  to!  Last  Sunday  the  6th  was  little  Christmas  the  12th  day  of  Christmas  when  traditionally  the  season  officially  ends  but  we  are  a  week  late!

Please  rate out  of  10 this  lace  detail  sweater  dress  from  venus  ,  see  here  It  has  a  nice  lace  detail  running  from  sleeve  to  bust/neck  and  back  to  sleeve.  Have  a  nice  weekend,  Terri  xoxo.


9 thoughts on “Dress of the week January 12th

  1. Chillfest sounds like such a blast! I’m so glad she had such a great time 🙂 That dress is STUNNING. I love the detail & color. Wow! That’d be a show stopper to wear for sure!!


  2. Hi Terri! Chillfest sounds like a nice opportunity for your daughter (and youth) to enjoy a wonderful time together. We leave our lights and decorations up for January because it brightens up the winter. Many people in our neighbourhood keep their lights on all through January and it makes the cold winter nights a little more bearable. 🙂 It’s a lovely dress for right figure, a little too fitted for me so I’ll give it an 8.



    1. It was a great time for her and her faith friends Carmen. It is nice to brighten up the dark nights with glowing lights. We did leave up our winter decorations, snowmen and christmas village . You are so right about the dress , it is a little fitted, I wont be buying it myself but it looks good. Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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  3. This dress is beautiful! I love the colors and details on it. Your daughters Chill Fest sounded so fun. I bet she was exhausted after it. I actually just took our Christmas decorations down last night. We just have to take the tree down today and it’s back to our regular home. It’s sad to take down, but it does feel fresh. Happy Sunday, Terri! Xo- Courtney


    1. It is a pretty dress Courtney, I like the lace detail. They had so much fun at chillfest but they were exhausted, most slept on the 45 min ride back to the Church. She slept for 6 hours then! It is sad to take the tree down but good to get back to normal and maybe decorate for Valentines day! Take care Dear, Terri xo.


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