Dress of the week January 5th!

Good  morning  Ladies  and  welcome  to  2019!! It  is  back  to  normal  now  after  the  Christmas  season and  everything  involved  in  it. We   had  a  nice  relaxing  weekend  last  week ,  then  on  new  years  eve we  had friends  visit  along with their  2  Girls . Add  to  that  our daughter  had  3  friends  staying  , it  was   a  lot  of fun and  noise! We   had  appetisers   and  drinks  and  desserts.  We  played  board  games   and  our  friends  left   before  midnight,  10pm.  We  put  the  kids  down   and  I  layed with  our  little  guy  as  he  likes  someone  to  help  him  fall  asleep !   So it was  12.20  am when  I  woke  as  I  fell  asleep  too,  so  didn’t ring  in  the  new  year ,  but got  my  new  years  kiss afterwards!


new year


On New  years  day  we  had  church  and  a  champagne  brunch  after  the  mass with  egg bakes provided .  It  was  fun .  We  then  went  to   visit  friends in  their  new  house  , an  hour  away from  us. They  also  have a  5  month  old  baby  , Lila ,  so  cute!   close  to  their  house  was  this  snow  sculpture  created  and  donations  taken  for  charity , it  is  a  snail,  I  heard  there  were hundreds of hours  work  put  into  it  by  3  brothers49091377_10217661328955889_7581043643138441216_n  Then  it  was  back  to  routine   Wednesday  but  it  was  a  short  week.  How  was  your  new  years?

Please  rate  out  of  10  this  this  red  fit  and  flare  sweater  dress on  sale  half  off  from  dress  barn.  It  has  cute  bell  sleeves  and  is  a  perfect  length.  See  here  for  details. Wishing  you  all  a blessed  new  year,  thanks  again  for  a  great  2018 with  you  all,  Terri  xo.

dress barn

17 thoughts on “Dress of the week January 5th!

  1. Happy New Year Terri! I know what it’s like to have lots of action when there are kids in the house! I also remember the quiet moments of lying down with my little ones to help them fall asleep peacefully. 🙂

    That humungous snow-snail is amazing! We didn’t even have enough snow back home to build a snowman, possibly a snow-elf! 🙂 Here in Seattle there’s no snow at all.

    What is your favourite board game?

    Lovely dress for Valentine’s Day which is around the corner!



    1. Hi Carmen, thanks for visiting on your vacation! It is a busy time with the kids but so worth it. The snail is amazing, We did not have a lot either, they had snow shipped in to build the snail, it was a great effort for charity. I like whoonu (who knew ) and wits and wagers most. So fun , have you played them? It is lovely , A sweater dress is perfect for right now. Thanks again, Terri xo.

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  2. A lot of fun and noise is exactly how NYE should be 🙂 Hehe! That champagne brunch sounds absolutely delightful. Lila sounds adorable- I love that name! Hope the rest of your week went well. I love this dress!! It looks similar to one I have, so of course I’ll rate it 10/10 😉 Have a great day, Terri! Thanks for the update!

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    1. Yes it is fun and noise all in one Mackenzie. The brunch was good and everyone was in the new year spirit. It is a cute name Lila and not too common. Thank you for the dress rating. sweater dresses are needed this time of year with tights! Thanks for visiting,. Terri xoxo

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  3. This dress is really pretty! It sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun lately. 🙂 It does feel good to be back to normal. I do still need to take our Christmas decor down. Oops! Maybe I will during the week.

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