Dress of the week December 22nd

Good  morning Ladies!  We  are  edging  so  much  closer  to  Christmas  day! I  am  excited  to have  Monday  here  as  we  go  to  My  in-laws  in  the  afternoon,  go  to  Church for  the  celebration  of  the  birth  of the  Baby  Jesus ,  and  have dinner  and  family  gift  exchange! The  kids  are  so  excited  for  Christmas  but we  have  to  keep  them  grounded  as  parents  and  remind  them  of  the  true  meaning  of  the  season.tumblr_ogx0gjzIJ71s94jl7o1_640

I  still  have  some  last   minute  shopping (gasp!  I  know!)  to  do today . I  am  also  going  to  the  hair  salon  today, and  maybe later we  will get  in  the  car  and  look  at  all  the  outdoor  neighborhood  lights. Some  people  are  so  creative , we  might  get  ideas for  next  year!tumblr_pk1gq346vX1rtlmgg_540

Please  rate out  of  10  this  3/4  sleeve midi  lace  sheath  dress  from  amazon  see here  Have  a  very  Merry  and  blessed  Christmas ,  with  love,  Terri  xo.



11 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 22nd

  1. Well I’m a bit behind on my reading, but I hope all the rest of your shopping went off without a hitch 🙂 Hope you had a VERY Merry Christmas, Terri. This dress is absolutely perfect for Christmas day- you know anything with lace & red I am all about!

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    1. My shopping went really good actually Mackenzie ! We had a very nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it was more relaxing than other years. The kids are growing up which is nice and a little sad all at the same time if you know what I mean. I was thinking that you might like this dress! Thank you so much for visiting, are you still in Ohio? Have a nice evening, Terri xo.

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      1. So glad to hear it went well 🙂

        Awww I bet ! They are probably at that age where the make-believe is starting to wear off. But I’m sure it was all magical nonetheless! ❤

        We actually went to Texas for a couple days and are now back in CA. Phewww- been a whirlwind going through all the different time zones, but some wonderful memories I am excited to share. Big hugs to you as we bring in the New Year! Thankful for your friendship, Terri ❤


      2. The make believe is still pretty strong , not really sure our eldest still believes but the other 3 do! Aww I am guessing you seen your Mom in Texas. Hugs to you Dear, it is so good to be on this platform with you Mackenzie! Take care Terri xo.

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  2. Hi Terri! Beautiful lace dress, I like the 3/4 length sleeves. It’s another 10. With party dresses I prefer sleeveless, 3/4 or full length, looks so elegant.

    Wishing you and your dear family a very Merry Christmas 🎄and God’s blessings for 2019! ❤



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