Dress of the week December 15th

Good  Afternoon  Ladies.  I  am  later  than  usual  posting  today.   My  mother-in-law  took  the  day  off  to  hangout  Friday  and  stayed  over  with  us  last  night .  The  kids  Love  having  Grandma  around!  I  get  along  well  with  her  too.   She  had  breakfast  with  us  and  left  at  about  10 am   for  the  2  hour  drive  home .  We  will  spend  Christmas  at  their  house, it  is  always  fun!

Christmas  is  coming  very  fast  and  all  the  last  minute  shopping  is  getting  done (  I  think it  is  aaarrrgghh!!)  I  am  looking  forward  to  Christmas  eve.  We  go  to  Mass (church)  at  4pm  to  celebrate  the  birth  of  Jesus .  Then  we  will  have  supper  and  some  gift  opening  (  It  is  a  tradition  of  the  family  I  married  into  to  open  gifts  from  family  members   on  Christmas  eve! )  Of  course  Santa  will  not  arrive  until  the  early  hours  when  all  the  kids  are  sleeping!   What  are  you  doing  for  Christmas?  You  know  I  live  in  Minnesota with  this picture  below!tumblr_pjplju2ZBv1rtlmgg_540

Please  rate  out  of  10  this fun  forest   green  nutcracker  print  from  Lindy  bop  see  here  It  has  a  crossover  neckline  with  soft  gathering  at the bust  and  has  a nice  swing  skirt.  Have a  great  week  all  ,  Terri  xo.dawn-nutcracker-social1547_1_

11 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 15th

  1. That dress is adorable! I can see my daughter’s teaching wearing that! It sounds like you are nice and cozy in Minnesota, we are doing a little of traveling this week to see family, then we will be back home for Christmas. Looking forward to a nice day at home with some friends over for dinner. Have a great day, Friend!❤️

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    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting, I might be a little shy to wear it myself , but it is very cute. We are cosy, the weather is above freezing now! i am glad you are getting to see family! Enjoy your evening, Terri xo.


  2. Such a festive dress! I’ll give it a 10. What are you wearing for Christmas Eve? We have a German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve. 🎄

    Is that your fireplace? My son just got a new fireplace, it really adds warmth and ambience to a room.

    I’m sure it’s helpful to have your mother-in-law stay with you and it’s wonderful for the children! How pleasant it is when family enjoys time together, especially at Christmas when we celebrate the birth of Jesus!


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    1. Hi Carmen, it caught my eye , a fun dress for a Christmas party night! I am not certain yet what to wear, the weather might be a factor I have not got myself anything new (yet!) but it will be a festive little number ! Family presents will be opened Christmas eve! It is not my fireplace, we have a gas one only . I reposted this photo. Yes it was fun Having My Mother-in-law visit! I get pushed to the background by the kids when she is here ! Thanks for visiting, God bless you, Terri xo.

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      1. I’ll be interested to know what you decide to wear for Christmas, because you always post such lovely dresses and your header says, “A feminine lady who appreciates nice things.”

        Perhaps you could put in on a hanger and and take a photo like I have done sometimes. 🎄


  3. Hi Terri! What a darling dress. It is so festive and perfect for Christmas. I am glad you got to spend time with your mother-in-law/the kids grandma. Grandmas are so special! We do Christmas Eve church too. I am feeling so blessed that we will get to go with my family this year. They have a beautiful candlelight service. It’s my favorite service of the year.


    1. It is a darling dress Courtney! Grandma’s are special to the kids and us. I am happy you will get to spend Christmas with family. I can imagine it is an adjustment after moving to Birmingham this year. Take care Dear and happy Wednesday , Terri xo.


  4. That nutcracker dress is tooo darn cute!!! Oh my goodness, I just love it. Perfect for Christmas. So glad your mom was able to spend some quality time with you and the kiddos!! Sounds wonderful 🙂 I have a little sign in our house that says “Who needs Santa? I have Grandma!” teheh. Have a wonderful week, Terri! xo

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    1. It is so cute alright! I need to tone down the cuteness, lol! My Mother -in-law was with us, My Mom wont travel this time of year. Aww I love the sign , When Grandma is near everything is good right?! Thanks for visiting Mackenzie, hugs, Terri xo.

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