Dress of the week November 3rd

Good  morning  Ladies! How are  you  today? We  had  a  busy  past  week .  On   saturday  we  went  to  a  waffle  breakfast , so  good!   Then   it  was a  lot  of house  cleaning  laundry  etc, (yay!)  Needs  to  be  done  right?  Sunday  we    went  to  church  and  had  a more  relaxing  day.  During  the  week  it  was  busy  with  work , school  homework   and  also  the  little  matter  of  Halloween !  It  was a  gorgeous  night   for  trick or  treating,  we  dont  always  get  it  here  in  Minnesota!  Our  Daughter  was  a polar  Bear  wearing  a  onesie outfit.  Our  oldest  son  was a  pirate , next  was  a  police  officer  and  the  youngest  a  dinosaur.  They  looked  so  cute!  They  got  SO  much  Candy  , it  seems  people  give  out  more  each  year. We   are  having  to  ration  it  them!  We  had  Church  on  Thursday to  celebrate  all  Saints  day . It  always  follows  the  day  after  all  hallows  eve .   Last  night  we  had  our  first  fire  in  our  firepit!  It  took  a while  but  we  were  able  to  give  it  its  first  use . We  invited  our  neighbor  over  who   built  it  .  He  brought  his  daughter  along  and  we  had  a  great  time chatting , making  smores and  the  kids enjoyed  playing  in  the  dark  of  our  back  yard.

Tomorrow  we  celebrate our  oldest  son   Oran’s  9th  birthday  party (born  Nov. 5th)  We  will  have  family over for   a little  celebration  ,  and  he  will  have  a friend  party  next  week .

Please  rate  out  of  10  this   cute  willow  wrap  dress  See  here . I  think  it  can  be  accessorised   with  a  cardigan  and  tights as  the  weather gets  cooler.  It  has  ruffled  details with  attached  belt.  I  hope  your  November  is  going  good, you  can  always  let  me  know  here  or  by  e-mail !  Take  care  and  hugs  to you all,  Terri  xo.


13 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 3rd

  1. Ooo that waffle breakfast sounds just scrumptious! Your kiddos sound adorable in their outfits. I’m glad the night was nice! In some places I know it rained and wasn’t great weather – so I’m so happy it was great for you all! A bonfire always brings people together- I love that! Nothing like close neighbors! I’m sure your kids love that firepit and the s’mores. Mmmm mmm. Happy two days late birthday to Oran!! 🙂


    1. It was a tasty breakfast Mackenzie and was a fundraiser for the senior’s community center. Yes they were adorable Mackenzie. It was so good being at the firepit. It is the first time I have ever had one in a house I lived at! Thanks for the birthday wishes to Oran, It is so nice of you! Have a nice day, Terri xo.


    1. Happy birthday to your little Guy Jessica! We had an extended family get together Sunday, then we went to his favorite restaurant freddy’s last night on his Birthday. Thanks for the dress comment , have a great tuesday, Terri xo.


  2. Hi Terri! I’m glad you got to use your firepit before the snow flies! The costumes sound cute! Children of all ages love dressing up, as you know I was a butterfly, my husband was a pirate and one of my sons was a doctor (complete with stethoscope!).

    You know my love for florals, so no surprise, I’ll give it a 10, especially since it’s a wrap dress, love it! Yes, it could be worn with a cardigan and tights for the cool weather. 🙂



    1. Hi Carmen, they are cute costumes! Yes children come in all age groups which is so fun for you and me! Its nice your husband and son got to dress up too! Yes we both love florals surprise, surprise! Thanks for affirming my statement on wearing it with tights and a cardigan. Thank you for visiting and commenting, hugs, Terri xo.

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