Dress of the week October 20th

Hello Ladies!  I  am  late in  writing  this  weeks  post .  It can  get  busy  with  our  kids  and their  friends during  a  sleepover .  it  is  2.50pm  and  I  have  the  youngest  down for  a  nap  so I  feel  like  its  my  turn  to rest  too! its  amazing  how  using  a  keyboard  can  feel  like  resting.   The  kids  had  thursday  and  friday  off  school   due to  the  annual  teachers  conference.

The  leaves  are  changing  so  nicely  here  .

The  above  were  taken  on  wednesday  but  on  Sunday  Oct  14th this  happened!20181014_104051snow!  It  stuck to  the  ground   but  was  gone  after  a  few  hours.  Its   early but its Minnesota.We  had  a  firepit  put  in  two  weeks  ago  and  here  is  a  photo  of  it.   We  hope  to  light  our  first  fire  before  winter. 20181020_143445.jpg

the  pit  is  32  inches  X  48  with  a  perimeter  of  pea  rock   then  an  outside  edging of  stone.

After  a  number  of  weeks  of  featuring  my  blogging  friends (thank  you  so  much!!) it  is  back  to  regular models!  Please  rate  this  expressionist wrap  dress out  of  10  See here 

I kinda  like  it  ,  what  do  you  think?  Have  a  lovely  finish  to  the  weekend  ,  hugs,  Terri  xo.



10 thoughts on “Dress of the week October 20th

  1. The leaves look so beautiful! Thank you for posting- we don’t get these quite the same vibrancy here.

    WHAT! Snow!!! That’s a nice little dusting there.

    Oooo I love this dress! The mix of colors is beautiful—not too much, but still fun! xo

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    1. Aww I had to get the leaves as they were changing! We were able to make snowballs from it . Aww yes the dress has a cute print. It would be fun to own but is exxpensive! Thanks for visiting Mackenzie , hugs, Terri xo.

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  2. Yes thank you Jessica! The leaves are falling this week so I am glad I got photos last week! It is a unique printed dress , I like the wrap style. Thanks for visiting , hugs, Terri xo.


    1. Hi Carmen, we were hoping to use the fire pit yesterday but it was too windy. We went to an apple orchard yesterday and had fun there with the kids. It is a Fun dress, and I am glad I am accommodating your tastes! Thank you so much for stopping by have a nice Monday hugs Terri ❤


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