Dress of the week October 6th( Its Natalie!)

Hello  ladies  ,  how  is  your  October  going  so  far? Ours  is  good  if  slighty  cool  and  wet.  We  woke  up  to   a  frosty Saturday last  week,  brrr   and  it  was  still  in  September!   I  am  so  not  ready  fro  winter  but  really  I  never  am ! I  have  not  adjusted  to  the  6  months  that  winter  stays  in  Minnesota.   I took  our  two  older  boys  to  day  of  the  dozers  last  saturday   and  they  had  a  fun  time  despite  the  cold. IMG_4230

The  kids  get  to  go  in  with  the  driver  for  5  minutes and  help  dig.  A  boys  dream  but  it  was  nice  to  see  little  Girls  enjoying  it  too.   Our  Church  had  volunteer  appreciation   coffee  and  donuts  put  on  by    the office  staff  for  all  the  people  who  help  out in  any  way. It  was  fun  to  be  served  but  I  will  be  hosting  in  the  coming  weeks  for  coffee  and  Donuts   which  I  will  look  forward  to.


This  week  I  would  like  to  introduce  you  to  Natalie ,  a  lovely  young  Lady   living  in  Perth  Western  Australia. Her  website   MissMuse  blog   is  used  to  share  fashion  tips, tricks  and  advice .  How  nice  is  that ?      Natalie in  addition works  as  a freelance stylist & fashion marketing consultant.  She  gives  detailed  and  in  depth  information  about  her  look   and  clothing  choices  in  each  post  which  I  love! I  am  so  happy  to  have a  great  blogging  friend  in  her, half  a world  away!


This  is  one  of  my  favorite  posts  from   Natalie  Parisian in Perth  Where  she  checks  out  french  inspired  restaurants  and  clothing  boutiques! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Even  though  I  am  so  Jealous  ,  it  is  springtime  in  Australia  and  summer  is  coming  soon!  Please  rate  out  of  10  this   gorgeous  fit  and  flare  polka  dot   that  Natalie  is  modelling  .


The  post  that  goes  with  the  dress is  here , polkadot perfection.

To  see  her  blog  through  wordpress  click  here

Thank  you  so  much  for  being  the  featured  model  this  week  Natalie!!  Have  a lovely  weekend  everyone,  Terri  xo. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


15 thoughts on “Dress of the week October 6th( Its Natalie!)

  1. Hi Terri! So far, so good, a pretty nice fall with some rainy days as expected, but also many pleasant days, including today! 🙂

    I love Natalie’s outfits and the polkadot dress is definitely a 10.



    1. We are pretty much having a overcast and rainy Autumn so far it’s raining again today Carmen ! Thank you for commenting and rating. Natalie looks very nice in that polka dot dress! Have a great Tuesday hugs Terri xo.

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  2. Aw, I hope autumn hangs on a bit longer for you before it goes into full winter mode! How sweet they served coffee and donuts too- yummy ! I can’t wait to check out her blog- I am loving the polka dots. I love anything French inspired too 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Terri! Loving these highlights!


    1. Autumn is staying here for now Mackenzie , even though the days recently have been either rainy or overcast! Yes it was great to have a nice coffee and donut ! Natalie is a young woman who can teach Me a few tips, her being in the industry. You will love her blog and the Parisian post. Thanks for the feedback , I so want to do this friend feature in the Spring again so I will be knocking on your door! Have a lovely week, Terri xo.

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