Dress of the week September 22nd (Hello Bonnie!)

Hello  all,  I  am  starting  this  post  on  Friday afternoon,  Our  daycare  Lady  has  the  day off  and  I  took  it  off  to  mind  our  youngest. I  am  glad  actually ,  its  a  nice  excuse  for a  long  weekend!  I  dropped  the  bigger  kids at  school , hung out with our  little  guy  then  we  went  to  have  lunch  with  the  two  boys. There  is  a  special  seat  for  visiting  Parents in  the  lunchroom , but  when  Liam  seen  us he  refused  to  move  from his  friends!  Maybe  a  little  embarassed  he  did  eventually  join  us.  Then   our  3rd  grader  was  very  happy  to  see  us and  we  sat  with  his  friends. I  wanted  to  go  to  an  orchard  just  with  the  little  guy but  it  had  rained  for  four  days  and  the  ground  was  saturated.  Today  we  have  softball   but  a  quiet  weekend  apart  from  that.

I  would  like  to  introduce  you  to  Bonnie! She is  a  lovely  woman ( some of  you  know  her  already,  its  how  I  found  her!)   She  loves  fashion  and  stylish  clothes.  She  wants  to  help  women  to  find  great  items  of  clothing  on  a  budget.   She  wants  to  inspire us to  look  fabulous  no  matter  the  age!

Her  titles  are :

A classy lady, fashion lover, ballroom dancer, amateur  photographer, amateur cook, proud mother, bilingual teacher, corporate accountant and finally a fashion blogger:-)    She  is  a  busy  Lady!

Bonnie  is  new  to  blogging and  is  doing  so  well!   You  can  see  her  external  website  here or  through  wordpress  here.   If  you  are  in  search  of  new  people  to  follow Bonnie  would  be  a  great    candidate!

Please  rate  out  of  10   this  beautiful  floral  eyelet  fit  and  flare dress  that  Bonnie  is  modelling.  The  dress  is  by  Tommy  Hilfiger  and  is  a  comfortable  fit. Her  shoes  are  a  good  match for the  leaves  on the  dress  and  the  handbag  is  the  color  of  the  flowers. See  the  post  that  goes  with  the  dress  here   Thank  you  so  much  Bonnie  for  being  the  feature  model  this  week!!

Wishing  you  a lovely  week  ahead,  hugs,  Terri  xo.


13 thoughts on “Dress of the week September 22nd (Hello Bonnie!)

  1. Lovely post Terri! Glad you had a long weekend! Bonnie is a very elegant lady and I love her style! This dress is a 10 for sure! I am following her too! I teach ballroom on Tuesday evenings, so that’s another thing we have in common besides fashion, photography and blogging. 💃


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  2. That’s so cute the school has a place for parents to sit too!! Dawww, Liam is probably at that age where being seen with parents is the most embarrassing thing, huh? That’s so sweet he finally came over though!!

    So sorry you couldn’t make it to the apple orchard- maybe next weekend?

    Wow- Bonnie is the definition of chic and classy! I love her looks. Thanks for sharing, Terri

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    1. It is cute Mackenzie! Its a vip bench, the kids can invite 1 or 2 friends to sit also but Liam didnt as we were a few minutes late arriving . We will see for next weekend Mackenzie, or the weekend after. Bonnie gives off the classy and chic vibe for sure , she is a wonderful woman, Like you! Take care, hugs, Terri xo.

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