Dress of the week September 8th (Mackenzie Marie!)

Good   morning  ladies  ,  how  is  your  September  going  so  far? We  are  definitely  experiencing cooler  temps  , it  was 50F  or  10c  yesterday  morning!  We  had  a  fun  long  weekend   for  labor  day .  We  did  fun   family  time  at  home  for  most  of  the  day  saturday ,  then  in  the  evening  went  to  a  great  outdoor  waterpark  with  slides ,  wavepools , paddlepools  and  a  lazy  river!   The  kids  had  great  fun   and  used up  their  energy.   On  Sunday  we  went  to  church  in  the  morning ,  then went  to  a  friends  house  for a  barbecue  in  the  evening ,  the  kids  again  went  swimming in  their  lovely  pool .  Monday was  low  key  with  last  minute  prep  for SCHOOL! We made  sure  that  everything  was  in  order  for the start  of  middle  school  for our  daughter , 3rd  grade  and  the  start  of  kindergarten  for  our two older  sons.  The  little  guy is the  only  one  left  in  daycare. They  all  had  a  great  start  to the  school  year .

This  week  I  am  featuring Mackenzie ,  a very sweet  young  Woman living in  the  San  Jose area  of  California  but  originally  an Ohio   Girl! She  is  married  to  DJ for  3  years  now  and  is  going  to  graduate  school for nursing. Following  her  for  this  past  2  years,   I  have seen  how she  is  a  very  caring  nurse  who loves  her  patients!   Her  posts  are  so  fun  to  read as  she  explores her  suroundings  ,  takes  us  to  all  the restaurants she  visits  with  such  yummy  food, takes  us  on  hikes  in  local  parks ,  and  takes  us  into her family life , introducing  us  to  her  Mom, Grandparents , siblings  and  friends.  She  adds  fun  little  quotes to  her  posts  which  crack  Me  up! She also gives glory to  God  through  her  faith.  You  can  see  her  blog  for  yourself See here for her website  and  to   view  it  through wordpress  click  here  .

Here  she  is  modelling a  beautiful  red  dress  that  she  wore on  Valentines  day,  how  gorgeous  is  she?   Please  rate  out  of  10 .  Thank  you  for  being  my  model  this  week   Mackenzie !   Have a  beautiful  week  everyone,  hugs,  Terri  xo.



15 thoughts on “Dress of the week September 8th (Mackenzie Marie!)

    1. I hope you get a little cooler soon! You are welcome Courtney , Mackenzie is very cute . She is so fun and positive (like you!) and always gives Me a good laugh.Thank you for visiting , hugs, Terri xo.


    1. You are so welcome Mackenzie ! You definitely deserve to be featured , you are right up there at the top when it comes to blogging ! You will have to get a few more individual photos for NEXT time I do this!! I hope I did you justice and did not overreach in putting the collage together. Stay tuned for the next featured blogger coming up! Have a nice day, hugs, Terri xo.

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    1. Hi Carmen, thank you for visiting! Your temps are pretty close to here then, its going to warm up later in the week here too. The dress is a fabulous cut and those bell sleeves are an added bonus. Have a great week , hugs, Terri xo.

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