Dress of the week August 25th

Good  morning  Ladies! Welcome  to  a  wet  and  dreary  Minnesota, we  had  a  lot  of  rain  yesterday and  its  dull  today  so  far. Earlier  in the  week  the  temps  were  perfect  (for  me!)  in  the  70’s  or  21-26 celcius. Some  people  like  the  90’s   but  having  grown  up  in  a  damper  climate  it  is  too  hot  for  Me! What  is  your  perfect  temperature?   Last  week i  posted  that  the  rest  of the  family  went  away for   the  weekend  and  I  stayed back.  I  got  painting  completed  but I  do  see  messy  hands appearing  on  the  walls  again. They  are  like a  magnet  for  little  hands  !    The  kids  got  to  meet their new  teachers  this  week  so  we  are  edging  towards  back to and starting school  for  one ! Tomorrow  I get  to  accompany  our  daughter  to  a  minnesota  twins baseball  game !  Her  softball  team  gets  to  parade  around  the  stadium before  the  big  game (  I dont  even  know  who  the  twins  play  yet, is  that  bad!)  It  is  a  big  treat  and  happening  2  years  in  a  row  now.

Please  rate   out  of  10 this Iris  short  sleeve  flare  dress see here   It  is  a  mostly   rayon  material  with  round  neck  and  short  raglan  sleeves.  Wishing  a  great  weekend  whatever  you  get  up  to ,  hugs,  Terri  xo.


7 thoughts on “Dress of the week August 25th

  1. We had rain on Saturday and things cooled off enough to wear my new jacket. Hot and steamy today. I’m not complaining. I like summer to last as long as possible. Lovely print with blue and white.



  2. OOoo I love this dress- it is something I think would be perfect to wear to Wine Country!! (On my mind since my family and I are returning this weekend!). I agree with you- 90s are just toooo darn hot. I love 75 degree weather! I think that is perfect. For running, I prefer in the high 50s/60s. Have so much fun at the game tomorrow – precious memories ❤


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